The Therapist
Verse 1:

I’m here playing this boom bap ready to spazz, manifesting on shit I never had
Here rhyming cause I got hurt and never bled
The pain spilling through the ink on this pen, as I cleanse my soul
On these streets as I meet my foes, claiming they want me living better
I learnt to adapt now I’m good with every season’s weather
Staring at the sky had me feeling like a bird with no feathers
But now I’m inspired, it’s all better still on the chase this cheddar
I’m so broke but I remain setup for a win
Had to man up and deal with my problems head on
Life a gamble you lose when you don’t bet on the right choices
They causing distortion, but focus on the right noises
Flow clumsy - I dropped like nine corpses
For them to pay attention - I wonder what the cost is, fuck it I don’t give a damn
They won’t feel the heat until they see it burn, but it’s cool bruh
They won’t ride until you pull up in a coupe bruh
Won’t duck until you pull up and just shoot
You see the the flow polished, and it took time to get right
Just like how the fruits nourished but it took time get ripe (n***a)