Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Stiff Upper Lip
[Verse 1: Pip]
This democracy?
I think I'm sick of it
Constantly politicking chicken sh*t liberalists
If that sounds harsh it's f**king meant to be, live with it
Heart full of fire little drizzle to extinguish it
See the evil, hear the evil, talk a lot of bullsh*t
Complain about their ways but still support it
I heard a revolution's coming better batten down your bandwidth
Make stands from ya laptop and then finish off your sandwich
But oh sh*t, this isn't just a Twitter campaign
We gonna take to the streets, the man will know our name
But every protest is authorized, cleared and sanctioned
So is that really a protest or a pleasant little gathering
Two million marched against a war then what did they do?
Complained that no one listened, man there's two million of you
And all those mad about the fact you didn't vote for our leaders
Your solution is to wait and vote again? F**king genius
That stiff upper lip sh*t? Man that was good marketing
Make man's trait to "never complain", remove the spark from him
Charming little phrase for emotionally retarding him
Hold it down son feel your darkened heart hardening

F**k your stiff upper lip, pick up a brick
And if the crime fits then f**king do something with it
[Verse 2: Itch]
It's a British tradition an orange camper van
Used to staple sheets up to walls battle plans
From J18 yeah we had em man
Back to cable street: no pasaran
Run them out our crew's quicker than the news
Where the need for speed beat the need for truth
Direct action in your f**king face
Not throwing all your hope into cyber space and
Tracking your trouble, trickology tracing you
Tracking the chatter no matter the clatter basic truths
Tricking the cheater, chuck the case and then be chasing you
That's what's facing you
It's ok to have your own point of view
And not just quote other people when you try to argue
Can we save the youth from our stiff upper lip
And stop them quoting Russell Brand, me and Pip
They don't care about your situation
They just wanna grab your information
That's why I don't like Facebook groups
I like to group up and chase them chooks
Retina scanners, closed circuit cameras
I wear bandanas on my face and hood
A retweet's just a retreat damn
When a brick through a window's worth 2 in the hand