Ness Lee
Don’t Flop WebHam
[Ness Lee]
Give me a mini-shottie, I body this n***a for a penny probably
Naw b just hit him like rocky since he really cocky
It's pretty obvious Mr. Miyagi taught me
That he don't know what to do with them hands n***a Ricky Bobby
You ain't ask for this beef you just happen to be next
Clapping to me will make you a casualty; V-Neck
He'll say what he can, but I'll straighten a man
P.S. I don't speak unless I'm at least making a band; E Ness
Yeah, I'm in my zone out here, my folks out, this my hometown
[?] out here
I'm swift when I knock a n***a out
Show out here, the whole crowd know that you a Hoe Hoe out here
So don't clown my n***a, you bound to bring the foes out
So throw it out here we might get to throw it out here
It's starting too look bad bruh so spit your little round and
Shut your lil puss ass up boi
Your chick said that when you stick it in it feels like Jiminy Cricket
You this many inches in and you don't give any attention, and it be itching
So when I be picking up and it be feeling [?] the percentage feel like
A felony hit it and you gotta fit the whole leg in it for her to feel any instance
A vindictive, venomous villainous vain less [?] victimizing
It's in my creed to remain the victor
I may just get your face disfigured if I aim this trigger
So I lay it in your lunch box, player take this with you
Boi I swear I'm nice on these beats
I can rhyme however I feel I should write on these sheets
Um, I'm un-limited, un-contended with puns plus I must have done
[?] the spirit up, from up under us and I'm running with it cuz one minute
And you gonna be wondering if Pun scribbled it
See how I do the words like a see-saw
Now imagine it getting worse when they cut the beat off
Yeah Dialect all that was for you, you dodged a bullet N***a