Ness Lee
Loe Pesci vs Ness Lee
[Round 1: Loe Pesci]
You look like a white bitch in night vision
So black, that in direct sunlight the reflection makes you look white pimping
Now I know your vocabulary's quite proper
You make Nightcrawler look and sound like a white doctor
Now I should talk about your injury, 'cause I know that made son weak
But I'll sum it up briefly in one scheme
You turn the sea to flame like Green Berets with the heat that's aimed
Thinking you see the day, you start hollering Jesus' name
He just wanted to see your face when your Achilles heel gets sprained
Squeaking through that window of opportunity to take that leap of faith
When you loaded that MPC with breaks
You knew them samples were such expensive heat, you got gassed up before you even had a sequence made
God damn Ness Lee those beats were flames
Now you gotta help the kid understand it
Ya' house burnt down, you got donations from RapMusic, and now you live in a mansion?
I'm in need of an answer
I hope your fucking wifey cheats on you with an inferior rapper for stealing people's money online like a Nigerian banker
You're the man, when it comes to insurance scams
Looking like Bun B wit' a bum knee
I mean fuck me, on the real shit, this is a guy that I'm tryna collab with
Travis, I'm supposed to turn around and say this guy is a faggot?
Y'all write ya' multisyllabics it takes 60 days
I concentrate, this shit is minute-made
Y'all are lucky that I still battle when I'm uninspired and ain't got things to say
Plus I've had more on my plate than HFK at a free buffet
N-E-S, he try to play Duck Hunt in pajamas
Blast wrists, super scopes, Super Nintendo llamas
Bender and big Os' got blades on your bitch throat
And I'm yelling to skin her like Superintendent Chalmers
I got your bitch brains, dripped all splattered
Big-jawed fat chick
Lift her off the nob then I lift off ratchets
Reality show, nerds get the clips all access
See him lose his wife twice, this get Prince Charles tragic
Ya' lyrics hot Ness but the way you spit's more average
Plus every one of my battles lines up wit' a Pink Floyd classic
Yo, they want me to say you're a man whore
And desecrate everything that you stand for
But fuck that, I'm here to let you know
I'm here to let you say everything you would never say to your landlord
[Round 1: Ness Lee]
Real talk y'all should be happy for this geek, he's an insane great liar
'Cause every time he see me he asking for them beats
I said, so half the fans say I don't deserve this battle
The other half ask daily that I serve this asshole
So I purchased ammo, the purpose not to clap you just so it's heavier when I smack you with the burner handle
You little curry faggot better learn to grapple or I'll certainly return and slap you while you're herding camel
I'll murk you on your avenue, vertical slash through
Then uppercase the word 'Canada', now it's the murder capital
You aren't a boss Kumar ya' soft, you'll get fubar'd then tossed in a two-car garage
If the two cars are on, and the room doors is locked then
You're out of options, you are exhausted
You a little faggot sand wigger wit' a Jewish nose
You're the heel of this rap shit and you know what I do to those
That neck beard is just weird
It has a personality and asked you 'how'd I get here?'
And when you didn't snip it, it connected with your chest hair
It isn't independent so it pays rent and even collects a welfare check
The ugly chicks be the ones oblivious they even suck
Not only am I here to tell you that, I'm here to beat you up
'Cause so far his actions have been so hard but fact is yo' heart, absent when the roll call happens
I throw arms to shatter your nose guard no crow bar let's go to war faggot, no more rapping
You cackle I go off, no speaking about it
Boy I'm gonna add so many scars you gon' need an accountant
'Cause if we actually brawl then Loey P's getting pounded
I'll put his plasma on the wall, with no speakers around it
So keep it a hundred, ya' pansy ass threatened
You raise ya' hand it'll land in the handicap section
I get into ya' home while you snort sherm, basing
And hit you in ya' dome 'til you snort, birds racing
He sitting on the throne then it's short-term basis
He getting overthrown like a short first baseman
Split him for sure and if he's snitching then of course
I'll just get Osa to be my representative in court
[Round 2: Loe Pesci]
You drink and pass out, frat style, I'll tag your face
Tomorrow morning in the mirror with that aftershave
You'll feel like even more of a dickhead for your past mistakes
No stats when I graf your place, homie got ups, no vertical
No vertigo, so forget rap they still know me from a can of paint
I rap for me and a small percentage of y'all
To those that get it I'm the most respected, if you don't get it at all
If your brain ever evolves then you'll know I'm better then y'all
As far as Ness, his bars heavenly dog
You just rap relaxed, it's like, you gon' never get you a job, you don't wear any socks and I bet you're 'bout to get a massage
You mumbling faggot, why do you stumble when rapping?
It sounds like you indulge in a habit of crushing up fucking muscle relaxants
It started as a custom now he's accustomed to have 'em
At customs they grabbed him, said he's a customer addict
They want me to dig up info on his whore and kids on some informant shit
I'm feeling old, new generation is horse's piss
I'm out for capital, military coordinates
Punch a hole in your bakery getting bread from a quarter brick
Now you living dead in a horror flick, rip his head with the 45th
Aim, infrared like the Jordan 6
Kick, bang, kickback like they lining up at the store to get
They want me to say that you're piss-poor and couldn't afford this trip
Well, no place to stay, I bet your tours are sick
Well, you can stay with Harsh Z or on the floor wit' your Portland bitch
In three years, we've seen this format morph and switch
Nowadays the battle scene is such a whoring trick
At the third trimester tell the doc they should abort the kid
Yeah, I'll roll up to his crib, wit' a basket full of corn bread
Raise one arm, he'll pass out on his doorstep
Make him fall back like the Baptist pastor that put the hand up on his forehead
Tried to get your soul cleansed and wound up on the floor dead

At Battle of the Bay 5, you were floor-surfing
Ness, I hear that you're a floor person
You snore worse than Bender and Patience in a four-person whip
I don't think this tour's working
Bitches love the bad guy , so you ain't friends with me
But you ain't shit if you don't have any enemies
My last chick I- fuck- I can't even remember b
Oh yeah, wait wait wait wait- she had the ass of the century
Get it? I only fuck with bitches that's as bad as my memory
(That whole shit was planned by the way the whole thing)
In Atlanta, they call him Black Cinnamon Bun
They dressed him up in the hood, they did mad shit to him son
He's so dark his nickname was Aunt Vivian 1

[Round 2: Ness Lee]
You going under sonny, you fuck with chicks that's as bad as your memory is
On a scale of one to 10 you fucking with some 20's
I said these guns, shotguns I aim it at ya' head
One click, pop son, bang it and you dead
Real talk after this battle they gon' be making an arrest
I ain't his shirt but I'ma put a razor to ya' chest, bitch
Whoever said I ain't the nicest in the league must be on E
Or they lying through they teeth no Leon Spinks
I pee on this peon thinking he's beyond me
How could he think that? Beyond me
Especially when you cut on your 360's and PS3's you recall me when you put on your favorite B-ball team
NBA baller's phenom theme song dog, the streets can't believe when they playing three-on-three
And that ain't even my end-all be-all thing
I been on TV screens, made G's on G's
Hell, when I beasted on the GRB
He rocked a neon-green Dodge Neon wit' a freon leak
And you supposed to be cop-heavy and chief OG
But you and Osa got that Rocksteady and Bebop steeze
It won't be long 'fore your belongings belong to me
The Elohim, I creep with Deion speed
I got, Deebo strength, King Kong reach, a Greek god's physique, the key of all the beasts on D-Ball Z
The heat on me and Loey P gon' see 'em all if he OD
Blink wrong or even breathe on me
Talking 'bout we gon' see, negro please
I'll tie my good hand back, have my weak arm free
I could be an oak tree holding a seat on strings
And still this emo geek won't swing on me
And if you have the slightest choke today bro game over
He like Vancouver, he let emotions take over
You should get it in your brain 'fore you spit, remain sober
'Fore I whip you into shape like a gym that's full of slave owners
He didn't know that this was going on YouTube
How you expect us not to forget what you wrote? You do
Quote this as a lesson, imagine what it would be like if the people that didn't rap choked in their profession
Jordan breaks the defense, makes a cut, to the rear
Spins off a double team, oh this could do it here
Loud cheers as you could hear, people are removed from chairs Jordan jumps into the air...
And then forgot what he was doing there

[Round 3: Loe Pesci]
There's only a few levels between security guards, Feds and police
Have you arrested some peeps? No, get a check every week?
Tell 'em you protected the streets
So I guess I get what they mean when they say Ness is a beast
You'll be another southern soldier, resting in peace from the Confederate fleet
To you I'm like General Lee slash Omega Supreme
How they gon' put me up against him? Well I had to wait 'til he was healed to battle him
My team will trample him
You came to see the best heel in battling, versus the worst heel in battling
Now Bender lost to Sketch, in a very familiar fashion, he claims that he didn't plan it
But he woulda had me next so no wonder he didn't practice
And you out-rapping me, that's unlikely to happen
Like the day that Dizaster comes to Canada for a challenge
I've had it, I'm 'bout ready to roll up on him and his best bitch
Sunday morning with the toast while she serving him his breakfast
With a suit, and a mask, like I'm working with asbestos
I hope you get offended, you a religious man Ness?
Well heaven you won't get in
I bet Saint Peters turns out to be a white supremacist from Lethbridge
And you ain't even welcome past the gate like at Drect's crib
All it takes is a racist joke to amaze these folks
For them this is a place to go
Anyone hating Loe, they do this too and they ain't as dope
Soon as they make a poll I take the votes
A year ago I faked a choke then Bender did the same as Loe, it's all for entertainment bro
Hate me for what I've done but love me for them amazing quotes
Yo, I pulled out an umbrella on an Asian kid for spitting on me
I'm a fucking hell-raiser, I could kill a priest, son a man and kill a army
60 Seconds-plus-10-for-reaction Assassin
You got signed and shelved so much you a contractual has-been
Yo Ness I'm tired of battling, it's like every week, there's 20 new leagues
Grind Time Tennessee, Venice Beach, Venezuela, Pennsylvania, Mississauga, Nicaragua?
A new league could never go overboard be professional and innovate
When it lets just about anyone with vocal chords participate
I'm tired of this terrible weak penmanship
It's like everywhere I turn, it's terrible weak penmanship
I had to say it again, I'm embarrassed to be next to it
It's like 80 percent of these battles is real excrement, and now I'm just being generous
When you encourage the trash, you discourage the fans
And that's why you're witnessing an art form turn to a fad
Long as you on Pharoahe Monch's nuts you will never be a man
Me and this villain character in the beginning was a sham
But the marriage became real like Stephanie McMahon
Fuck outta here!

[Round 3: Ness Lee]
I said yo, they randomly hate me, harass and degrade me
'Cause I'm colder than ice, no Anthony Haney
I said, Loey gon' get his little mans to come blaze me
'Fore I put my hands on them babies, Anthony Casey
Pay me homage, you got something to say then say it honest
I'm the total package, Kanye and Common, Drake and Onyx
I'm Halley's comet raised during Reganomics
Player I will pin you to the mat and hold you to it like you made a promise
I chase the vodka wit' a Jägerbomb then sayonara if I find you talking I'll acknowledge I will stop it
I'll slide inside your office and snipe your entire offense
It won't be a layoff in Houston if I decide to fire rockets
'Sup I'm the handsomest black man in a mask that'll get your man for his cash and get your hat tooken
This cat from Canada's ass, look it, he'll get smacked on camera with an African-American Canada ass-whooping
You getting slayed if you ain't being escorted by two cars that interchange tires and get insane mileage on the interstate, flying to the airport
Better hope your fricking plane pilot is a getaway driver
Catch you back in Montreal in a little gay diner
And pile-drive your face into your lemonade and cider
I can intimidate him and this kid'll stay silent
'Cause he's from this little place that doesn't generate violence
You're gonna get screwed and I'm gonna rub it in too, pause
Your verses are the product, of a big poo, dog
Anyone that writes well just come to this dude
And it's like a magic trick, he'll cut you in too
Sorry player, I'll take your order place a fork in your potato before pouring Jäger in your sports inhaler
You're a hater, your boy's a Mighty Morphin Ranger that'll make you abort and change your course like it was a boring major
I done kept Georgia wanting for an anchor but I'm torn wit' a Portland blazer, put us in your four-disc changer
I'm the Orkin sprayer
And your only parting favor is me making sure that the wardrobe for the corpse is tailored