Ness Lee
Real Deal vs Ness Lee
[Round 1: Real Deal]
Pristine, crisp clean, 16's, king me
Notebook brings horror to big screens
See y'all probably wondering the correlation of flicks seen
It means I could ride by on his team and do a drive by in Christine
But I'm a party boy, Marty's boy, yeah I'm a bit Sheen
You sip lean in a state where fake rappers make strip fiends
Knock it off your block is soft, everyone on your strip's clean
If they let them rockets off they tops come off like a strip scene
Syd steam rolled you in Georgia let's just roll with the Syd theme
Another case of Syds/SIDS putting an end of some kid's dreams
Acting brave with a Pirate won't get you home safe like Sid Bream
It's Ness vers' Cliff Lee
Believe It Or Not I Ripley's
Hold on I said rip Lee's like he split seems on his jeans
Now y'all was probably thinking that was my impression of you
But I'm just fucking 'round seeing how your setups are used
Cause I don't get it you just stretch it they like, "Ness is the truth
He makes it look effortless." Cause it really don't take effort to do
You keep going and going the crowd's like, "Why is he rapping this long?"
While I'm getting to the point like a pass to Chris Paul
I'm on my Grizzly, you walking up my path to get mauled
I teach hard knocks, you ain't in the class so withdraw
Judges, if you know bars you wouldn't think this dude goes hard
This is Bruno Sammartino versus Bruno Mars
Until I raise the belt I'll be raising hell
You keep it funny style, something like a Dave Chappelle
But when that hammer there at ringside graze the bell
You'll see this born again Christian have to save himself
Until I'm dead and gone I'll be on my paper trail
Word of mouth is even your Dungeon Fam' couldn't show you a way to sell
Hold on, in other words any rapper that can rep they were born in the ATL
Can get stretched and torn like an ACL
See here's what y'all didn't know, he was on Interscope
He was next in line to get gwap
They was supposed to push your record you was supposed to get all kinds of guest spots
But Ness they lied, they said "goodbye" your precious signing meant squat
So this will be the second time you got a Real Deal and the second time you get dropped
[Round 2: Ness Lee]
Y'all 'bout to see me smack this white kid
He said it's easy to do what I do
N***a, be honest, it took you a week and a half to write that shit
So you don' fooled people into thinking you can rap huh?
Got all your nut huggers greeting you with back rubs
Apparently you just have to yell, act tough, spit personals and folks won't notice you wack, huh?
That's what you do ain't it?
Scream stereotypes and spew hatred
Like a true racist
I'm in front of this dude a few paces I should slow my set up so I don't go overhead like suit cases
It's just me and you now, a calm dude vers' a yeller
A Thomas vers' a Weller and as comical as ever
Cause I'm usually cool, I use words to prove student
But it's a new day bitch, you don't know what to do do you?
You ol' super extra regular face ass
Fake accent having, painfully average play dad
A straight jab will make your vision fade to black
Ray Ban your face crack and your brain matter change it to grey ash
This is a lame match
It's like Moby Dick don' rearranged the past and rearranged the path to chase Ahab
A different weight class
And he straight spazzing but he ain't mad
Ain't that Okwerd back in the day swag?
You Stan you will pay cash to have the same hat
And the backstage pass so y'all could actually shake hands
What can I say fam'?
I mean you are a monster, your skills came from another player; Space Jam
Yeah, so about that screaming, all that tough talk, are you about that even?
I'm 'bout to prove to y'all his fake anger is good for nothing
I mean he could be bluffing
Let's start pushing buttons
If I go this close to his nose I'm pretty sure a little spit gon' hit you that should be it bro
You supposed to react off impulse and if you don't you're exposed
And your zip code knows you're bitch mode
The lames you murder always jabbing at your son
Well I take it further and actually battle rap your son
Trevor Junior, you faggot, I'll wipe your daddy from this whole Earth
Come over and smash your moms while you doing home work
I walk out her room with boxer shorts on
Kick over your pillows like, "Oh you done built you a little fort huh?"
Cut on your favorite cartoon a few minutes later
And every time you giggle I hit you with the paper
You little gay nerd, and daddy don't buy magnets so he don't have to put your wack doodles on the frigerator
Alright that was enough, you're an actual punk
You ain't swing or say nothing your tough act is a front
Stop it
[Round 2: Real Deal]
This southern dude called me "an average faced racist", portraying me as evil
I'm from the north bitch, my great great grandparents fought to free your people
Now, I know what you thinking
"White guy, in NY, surrounded by black folks
He ain't gon' come on this stage here and clown me with black jokes."
Ow, that's where you're wrong
Bitch, you are blacker than a VHS videotape
You are blacker than a satellite image of space
You could be Sudanese, like part of there indigenous race
It kinda looks like when your house burnt down but you didn't escape
Hold on, y'all mad at me? Y'all mad at me people it's a battle I'm just playing
Hold on, you gon' make a flier that says, "Middle Passage" with his face on it? I'm just saying...
I mean, nobody's gonna pay twenty bucks to see that shit
Okay, you're thinking it's just me
Til you got a line of people outside the door like, "Give us free."
See, I'm just trying to make him mad cause I want Ness to fight me
Left and right me
News flash, what y'all think I'd let him Wesley Snipe me that's less than likely; move back
The way that you rap is not that hard I can make him up a template
But it's only two minute rounds, it's time to take it to his pen game
See your flow and themes are slick, but you over-scheme a bit too much
It's accapella battles, you don't win cause the way you wrote the beat was "sick as fuck"
And I'm not saying that yelling is hard but shit I'm selling my bars
You put no emphasis on punchlines and weird inflections on irrelevant parts
In other words you sound lackadaisical, like you ain't doing this shit by choice
You'll say some tough shit like, "Let's take this outside!" using your inside voice
Cause you's a Georgia peach pussy, keep coming at me sideways get hurt
You've been due for this ass whooping are this extra time made it worse
I'm finna have this pussy trembling like how a vibrator work
When I put hands on him like a Hi Hater shirt
Fuck your methodical attack all your body blows and jabs
I got Pacquiao punches that'll knock him on his back
Do you copy bro?
If not let's go say "adios" to rap
I see a lot of hype but I ain't hearing shit, audio to Smack
I'm fittin to stop by Rone's frat, get my white friends
Find your mama's pad and Jazzy Jeff your dad up out the house
You would think hockey was back in Atlanta when we take that bitch and thrash her on the couch
There was a Midnight Train To Georgia but not the kind that Gladys sang about
We treated that bitch like a talking parrot and kept on stuffing crackers in her mouth
[Round 2: Ness Lee]
This is pretty much the Lyricist's Lounge, shout out to Wordsworth
I'll make your nerd hurt worse
You said I speak with my inside voice, bitch do you not hear my first verse?
So you blazing the heater in your raps now
That's weird, well say it to me and it's a wrap you get slapped here
But you was in Australia when you did it, word and that's clear
You would do it there they had like 20 murders last year
"The Working Man's Emcee", out of the gate, wow I can relate
But when I think about it, you're late
All In A Day's Work is what my album was named
And I dropped that around say...2008
The title track Working Man, the front cover my work coat
Designer cap with a nail gun under the shirt though
So how does it feel to finally see why you're supposed to be in music
Just to realize a black man from Georgia beat you to it
Fricking stupid
But peep it since I lead the movement
You can work up under me for free if I see improvement
Otherwise keep it moving and seek a union
Before I beat you clueless til you leaking fluid like a heater unit
It sucks to be you
Struggling and dirt poor
Only good to sweep rooms, buffering the first floor
You hustle but I'm worth more
So if you're The Working Man's Emcee then I'm funding the company you work for
Homie you get clocked out, early take your lunch bag and then you get knocked out and buried with your punk ass
You gone from the first punch I'm throwing at your mustache
And bro, leave the work truck, I hope you have a bus pass
Yeah he studied my design and my music
He ride to my music when you ride in your Buick
You heard "Working Man" and your life was in ruins
Cause your lifestyle was losing so you decided to do it
And then you drop an album and what does Lee discover?
This n***a went and bit my CD cover's fricking color
He even stole the border
"Ness he stole the border?"
Yes he stole the border how the hell you steal a border?!
Allow me to demonstrate his fishy ways if you may
I will dissertate with exhibit A
Notice: the similar tan shades, same pigment as pancake
The left hand position [?] pigment is man made
The black bordering, coincidence? Is the exact same
It's basically the same cover you're tricking my fan base
In closing it's really a definitive damn shame
You proved you're from Pittsburgh by stealing my campaign

[Round 3: Real Deal]
This dude literally spit his verse and used the word "Freaking"
This gon' get this man hurt
Does anyone else find it's ironic that Marvin The Martin is wearing a Yosemite Sam shirt?
Why do battle rappers act like they make money the Carlito way?
I get it, it's funny I battle rap and I teach, okay
Do me a favor, research teachers in the Key Stone state
Summers off, salary, benefits, little homie try to tell me we don't cake
See you ain't selling shit in stores I know you ain't pushing discs on tour
So you got a job like me and my J.O.B. shits on yours
Now back to the tournament
First round I'll admit, I thought Marv had gotten soft
He said he was sad when he heard about your crib
Bitch when I heard I threw a party and it popped
This match that set your home ablaze, this match today?
These similarities are hard to come across
They're both matches that make your people say, "I'm sorry for your loss."
Now Ness put a song on the NBA Baller Soundtrack called My House
Go ahead, it'll pop up if you search it
When I heard it was a song about your house I didn't buy it, ironically I burned it
Alright, fuck the jokes about his house I'ma go another route
Cause you said you, "the dopest in the south...soon as you open up your mouth"?
Pause that
Cause now the word is out
We heard about you turning out go on search him now
Google "The Purdy Mouth Of The Dirty South"
Toe tag, try to tell his old ass he's next
They said dude was tough
He in a crew with Dutch repping "No Gag Reflex"
Cause he's type funny trying to stay in the closet about sucking cock
In Bankhead they call him..."Bank head" cause he loves when deposit that money shot
And if his head ain't bobbing he like that Charlotte spider, hanging from the web and talking
Criticism on battle forums, guess who's on the net responding
Get an update: Ness is logged in
"What did I miss B let's get it popping."
I ain't seen somebody hit the boards that hard since Dennis Rodman
Ness Lee, net sea, let's see, you sweeter than Nestle
Take a fair shot, chair shot, even the ref's see
Your head leaks, Red Sea, no Jew I told you don't speak or address me
Loose cannon I'm deadly
Bruce/Brandon and you dead...Lee
It's over, let's fill the bus for the tour
Make Atlanta our first stop and charge 'em double at the door
We'll book Magic City that's a strip club so his mother can perform
If there's trouble and I hear this rebel yell, hell we'll scuffle on the floor
And I'll break this ho's jaw like a Jim Crow law
Then he can run and tell Sonny I kill southerns for sport

[Round 3: Ness Lee]
So he's talking about me posting on
I'll let you go on
Oh you talking 'bout that same site you got 3,000 posts on?
This tournament ain't 'bout no cheap gimmicks, it's street image
A geek writtens, it's about music and who's a beast with it
When P picked us our music had to keep 'em intrigued to keep listening for at least three minutes
So why is he in it?
I did a beat on his album, P ripped it
Sonny Bam' dropped a verse and did his thing with it
Then some wack dude ridiculous like, "Geez this is weak. He should be evicted."
I quickly skipped him up like, "Where was your verse? And why did that geek end it?"
He said, "That was me pimping."
You ever notice when you hit a cat to get a match he's like
"Pick from anyone we have we can get it crack."
Then you add, "Yo I do music too." And when you ask 'em to get on a track he's like, "Yo, let me hit you back."
And word is bond
I heard your song about how the battle rap reputation hurts us all
He said, "They think we can't make a song to save our life."
Shit, sounding like that, they may be right
Bro, your whole swag on a track is baby wipes
A fact is a fact and it may be time for you to take advice
See me, I'm lax on a track I'm smooth with it
Fitted cap on sitting to the back I look cool in it
My words are a vehicle you can cruise in it
Hell Arsonal can take the kids to school in it
I scooped a chick inside of the mall, I cool spit it
And you might be alarmed but in two minutes she was buying my draws
Then she came to my loft, threw me inside of her jaws
And blew my brains on the wall like a firing squad
And that is how you rap and I can do it on a track
But when you're average and you're gassed your improvement's gonna lack
If you go on tour with Tech' you'll be huge and get his fans
But when your music is at hand they going to be booing from the stands
You better get the cops involved
I'll be honest dawg you're like a cotton ball locking horns with an atomic bomb
Jogging the steps of the Taj Mahal to a Rocky song
Practicing Krav Maga planning to rock your jaw
White boy, PA, there's already Asher Roth
You scream personals because you can't rap at all
You're the great white hope, that is why they grab your balls
Cause if you were my tone you wouldn't be an afterthought n***a