Ness Lee
The Saurus vs Ness Lee
[Round 1: The Saurus]
I wasn't gonna say this line cause he may swing
Your house burned down...but I had you featured on my album and that's kinda the same thing
If you think he gets broads you would be dead wrong
They get him wrapped around they finger and they lead Ness on
I met your girl and got her Twisted like Keith Sweat song
To prove I could nail any bitch that Lee press on
Now first choice, I raw dog it, never phone that bitch back
And Plan B if I don't like they over react (ovary act)
It's just sad putting this old bag against Bo Jackson
I'm the protagonist, toe tagging this Cro-Magnon, you can know how soon
I'm Mcgruber with the choke out move, I'll rip your throat out, someone that you won't outdo
Came with a couple hometown goons, here to put you out of work like Coach Calhoun
I hope this don't sound rude but there's some truth you're about to see
You're more talented than I am Ness, but I've done more than you can amount to be
So you better choose a new route cause if you're fooling around with me?
I'm Magneto using metal like a student of alchemy
Now life's brutal and I know how hard losing a house can be
Imagine having it happen when you got two different mouths to feed
But last year I bought my kid a crib with a view from the balcony
While yours was going up in Flames like you moving to Calgary
Now listen marble mouth, I could care less where you started out
Apparently you are the south, but here is where I'll chalk you out
You cater to one region and get buried when they aren't around
And bitch that's what you deserve for narrowing your market down
[Round 1: Ness Lee]
I said I don't even battle no more I'm a motivator
I done proved I'm a captain in war and you folks just hated
I ain't lost since he had a real win, don't debate it
So the fact that I am here to kill him makes him overrated
I saw the little pro he dated, so I pulled it out
She saw we here associated so she ate it
You owe me, Nathan
I'll soon kill Peter Morris and beat The Saurus
Have him writing two wills, Rollin' Aces
Before he beats me, you gon' see Kobe traded
I am Joey Namath: say I win and do it for my closing statement
I swear you got one only cadence
Why don't he change it?
It's been by itself forever: it's lonely, ain't it?
I feel your style, can it be time travel
'Cause I swear it's been around since your freestyle battle
"Ho-ho, I'm extra funny, yet another dying victim
I scribe pre-med rebuttals and the other guy just fixed 'em
My rhymes have missed their bus, there's issues underlying with them
And I write like this because I couldn't otherwise keep rhythm"
I'm out to chew this power U with a power move
Cause ain't no rebuttal this clown can use for what I'm 'bout to do
I'll bruise your ego, don't swing and be overzealous
'Less you rotary phone, you get Debo'd and dealt with
Think bro, better kept on your helmet
Cause I put a Sidekick to your face quick as a T-Mobile salesman
He's old, he broke his pelvis
The G code ain't in your genome, so while you Tivo your Celtics
I give your chick the T-bone
When he finds out he gon' go HAM until it's empty then reload the shell-fish
Then hops off into his pre-owned [?] quick
And search for some Cheetos he can cheat on himself with
Your Aussie chick drove you 'round in a foreign Coupe
And when you got out the door was loose and the floorboard was screwed
And the seams of your 42 inch jeans was torn in two
I bet you record in a really big recording booth
Fat boy I know I possibly weigh more than you
But I couldn't walk for over a year so what is your excuse?
[Round 2: The Saurus]
I got a little story to tell
Now he's been gone from the scene so long that he needs to be taught
I can't even be caught sleeping if I don't see Lee (Sealy) a lot
A punch from me is like his girl my Buddy Lee is being dropped
Greek myth, each fist beat the shit out of you and any beat that you got
But no combos for now, I'll just keep this one locked
See, I've been meaning to talk or make fun of you for the treatment you got
In Grind Time's most hated tourney...where you were the reason it flopped
What? You one of them three people thought that we completely forgot?
See, Immortal Tech' and Poison Pen were still trying to help keep G.T. being watched
And be that median between Smack and King Of The Dot
They threw a tournament, 16 MCs get a shot
To tour with Tech' and you were one step from reaching the top
The finals was supposed to be Ness vers' A-Class, the Korean of the crop
They should've picked me, I rip Lee (Ripley) Believe It Or Not
But when y'alls battle was announced, the CEOs started seeing they stock premiums drop
Turned face-up, went bankrupt, and G.T. was brought to an immediate stop!
They should've learned from when he scammed his fans to never give this man help
I'm blackjack dealing, you get hit with every hand dealt
Zab Judah jab, head spinning like a fan belt
Ask me why, I'll tell him, "Bitch, you did it to your damn self!"
Homie you get slaughtered non-stop
I got a hatchet made, to hit you with that tomahawk chop
No Atlanta game
If it was, I'd use gold gloves like the matic's play
Or take him to the batting cage if Fred Mcgriff is acting Brave
[Round 2: Ness Lee]
I got a story as well
I say he hooked me up for my recording contract's main person
Yep, I signed a deal, first and last name cursive
So I'm approaching my last day serving
And I owe it to him so man thanks, here's a handshake...urban
But in his mind you know he got the sad face, hurting
He gon' be at my shows behind the backstage curtain
Wondering why important folks in the rap game have heard him
Yet he squints to see success, the contacts ain't working
Then this cat stayed thirsting
He get engaged three times a year, then Uno smashed his girlfriend
And he had to let go and Pat Stay served him
Then talked about his dead father
Damn, you take shit from everybody: you a klepto?
You freaking bum, you weak, you suck, your girlfriend cannot drink in clubs
Cause she is young you probably beat her up
But she thinks she's in love, but me?
I make you eat a seasoned punch, you lead to swing I duck
Then knee your gut, you heave your evening lunch
When he gets up? He'll catch a left-hand jab
And you prolly wouldn't get swept as bad if you didn't have that stepdad swag
You shouldn't be rapping, you're legend, you're the only cat to trespass, yet has a press pass fam'
What you thought? Because you sold some weed
And did a song about it that you can rap all free and think nothing wrong about it?
I seen your video with Lush 'The Last Dope Run' with homegrown bud and a backpack with no gun
But you ain't a Transporter, you a damn informant
If you was a Transformer, you'd change to a camcorder
You was never poverty-stricken
I got shots that's locked in the system for manslaughter that got their doctrine in prison
And you crying 'bout battles?
Bitch hop in the kitchen and wash you some dishes
If you had a pot to piss in you'd prolly have to squat just to hit it
So stop with all the talking and riffing
Cause if I come to see you then you getting screwed and it's not a conjugal visit

[Round 3: The Saurus]
Yo, hold up
If I was a Transformer, I wouldn't change into a camcorder
I'd turn into a fist that transforms you to my hand-warmer
So if you think you gon' win this, you contradicted your words
It takes more than luck to beat me: Robert Griffin III
I'll just poke your bitch if I want an easy win in poker
Shit, I give her love at home like a Minnesota season ticket holder
But he tried to call me fat like that's creative
Ness, you're heavier than me
I told this fool that my car was candy painted and...he ate it
Now, just for starters, Ness is darker than a felt-tip marker
Ness is darker than Bubba Dudley's wrestling partner
See, people didn't think I'd joke about how black Ness really is
I wouldn't do it if he wasn't complaining about his own black-ness, but he is
I wanted to slap Ness back to the past tense where he lives
So I Mapquested his crib and that led to a pile of ash next to a bridge
Hold it, the sad part is how talented you are Ness
I'm not even fronting
But obviously...God hates you, so you prolly should've seen it coming
Think about it, last time we thought he's on the brink of something
Knee gets busted, house is gone, Lee is under reconstruction
Now he's 43 and wondering if his dreams are done
The best rapper you never heard of, even better on the beat production
Jesus, even if you want a hook, the man can sing you something
But all of these are qualities that will ultimately lead to nothing
So diss my sound of music and find out you're losing
I will son you, Ness, let's do the math right now and prove it
My album moved 25,000 units
And I didn't have to burn down my house to do it!

[Round 3: Ness Lee]
I'ma have to kiss the rosary
You ain't getting close to me
You had on a hand-warmer 'cause you was in the kitchen where the bitches are supposed to be
I'll slap the words out your mouth into your hands; catch phrase
Then I'll make your girl walk like a bow-legged man; Jus Daze
I'll bring soldiers to your hut for the rebellion
Next phase, ask you for money in Australian; check mate
And if I stole him now in his chest plate that's gonna slow him down like a leg weight
Then he'll have head pains and be on the ground rolling 'round like a Segway
Literature with my hands, I swing I read you your rights
Ain't no formula for this baby but, Petey you're light (Pedialyte)
You get checked off every time Franco spit
Swung on like you Franco's chin
Get close to the trees like [?]
You get poked in your cheek like Frank Ocean
Hate on me, don't make no sense
If you break your piece I will break your limbs
And it ain't no whip if you lay low [?] cause it ain't no street but I stay on ten
I can't hit this pedestal you say you're on
I mean you did change the game as soon as you came along with a style you made your own
But a bunch of wack goofs played along, long story short you made Charron
He made Charron?
Yes he made Charron, now let that cheesecake alone, let a real MC claim the throne
Yes, we made a song
And I used to dig it at first, I'd skip yours but when I heard you all Revenge Of The Nerds
It's only good cause I'm on it, you owe me dividends sir
Should've charged him $500 and never sent him the verse
The same way he did to bro
He sent you doe then just waited, in the blistering cold for four years and you just said "no"
Two times everything? Even his girl's age
What's two times 17?
I roll up on your homie while he in his dress Dungarees
Show up on your shawty while she in her bed tucked asleep
Yoke they necks up and squeeze and you next cousin Pete
Jordan concretes on my tech bruh, death comes in threes
I know y'all waiting for me to go HAM on his face
But there's a whole NASA program that's gonna land on his face
He'll get clocked if I put both hands on his face
And when he go to the morgue they'll put a toe tag on his face
'Cause I don't disengage, trick, I disobey the checkout line
My fist will hit your face
The tension ricochets against your spine
You think I'm playing? Step in line
Pick a place, set the time
And you imagine you never spit this way, so fix your fac- never mind