Ness Lee
Girl Vs World
[Verse 1: Nino Bless]
For the hardship, to my pride that has surfaced
To the powers, knock down that owl they worship, then you'lll acknowledge my purpose
Not the fame, not the bling, thats too plain, I'm a steer in my lane
And rebuild while the eye above try to drive me off with they pyramid scheme
Flashing lights, if you know the answer why you asking twice?
Self esteem, you lack it right, wanna pay your dues but want it half the price
So come here baby girl if you acting right you want the lavish life, nice karats right
Here I could give you what they tell you that you can't get yourself
Cause you trapped in a (man's world)
A woman always see herself like a man should
Hi barbie, a little slimmer, but this bigger, no pressure
Less thinking, that's not appealing, more revealing
Your feelings swept under the rug, so how are you reaching up when the floor is your ceiling
And it all to comes, to the forefront, but not before the wreck is all done
You can sprint to cover your flaws, but they'll just win out in the long run
Acceptance, thats the key to the lock in your system, unlock it and distance yourself from others opinions
You got this, establish a solid self concious dominion, (love SELF)

[Hook: Ness Lee + (Nino Bless)]
You look in the mirror and you haven't seen yourself in so long
(Girl vs world, girl vs world, girl vs world, but you got it going on)
And you really wanna change all your flaws and what's wrong
But you been perfect all along, you've been perfect girl
And I hope you find you, I hope you find you
Long before I do, long before I do
I hope you find you, I'm right behind you
Just don't say I do, I hope you find you
I hope you find you
[Verse 2: Ness Lee]
I'm in the middle of a song and she keep on callin
I ain't ever did her wrong but she thinks I'm stalling, I'm stalling
Cause i ain't hit her back in the last 7 minutes though i'm probably with a braud
Trying to get it man a n***a keeping a commitment you dont see those often
But i dont creep though, and she knows but she seen so many zero's she dont need no offense
By the time she was 23 in a two three zone trying to keep those off of her
And if you read on farther you will see how evil be her auther
He's eager to sleep with her but she won't be with him so he demeans her
Defeating her ego and now she beleives him and he goes harder
It's easier to sink those when its a free throw with your own cheat cheat code keep your offers
She is already gone please dont bother
And if you tell her she's beautiful she won't believe you
She's saying its game and she's calling your see through
But she needs affection and can't wait to see you
Outside she is Harding inside she is Kerrigan
Praying to see when her loved one's will care again
You see a queen and she see's imperfections and
Things she should change because of girls she looks better than
In your struggle with vanity...prepare to have a hard fight
You'll win for thirty years tops...I hope you have a long life