Ness Lee
Tread Lightly
[Verse 1: Illmaculate]
I always listened to Pac. I started rapping the same year Biggie was shot behind hideous plots
Put them pigs in a box
Blade sharp as obsidian rock arrow tips the Indians got
Committing a forced entry, Jimmy the lock, temperature drop
Spitting blizzard conditions, got the city on lock
See these bodies on my pen from scripting my thoughts?
I'm catching bodies on a whim, give me a cause
Y'all done did it
Anyone that ever said my name wrong, y'all can get it
Until I'm paid in full, you got me on my Mitch shit
Anyone that ever looked at me funny, I'm not gon' have it
Drama magnets, get caught in traffic, and call the cops
While you at it... tell the judge he's Elmer Fudd
I'm only doing what a felon does: not voting and sellin' drugs
I'm just reckless, young, and hella drunk
Bitch, you could probably smell my breath and catch a buzz

[Hook: Ness Lee]
You want my place? Oh, if that's what you're contemplatin'
Then you are sadly mistaken, all I say is tread lightly
I thought I'd see the world differently
Hence my current position
I won't deter from my mission, so tread lightly
If you throw first then I will cast the last stone
Why can't you ever leave well enough alone?
You're unimportant, I don't see you, and if unfortunately
You catch my attention, you need to tread lightly
[Verse 2: Illmaculate]
You ain't lasting to the 12th round… when that bell sounds
You ain't acting like yourself now
Bloodhounds on your trail now
When what they smells found? Ehh, let me calm myself down
They think they smoke, they seen sour haze
They need to go and find a tree house to play
Catch me in your greenhouse, I'll clean out your safe
But I ain't robbing you, I'm trimming three pounds a day
Don't ever try and act like we sound the same
Think about that while you keep out my lane
Why you talk about enemies and leave out the name?
I'd rather leap out a plane than take the cheap route to fame
I inhale the bullshit and breathe out this game
Intake the real shit and keep out the fake
Reroute or leak out your face
Think how .40 cal recalibrates if you seem out of place