Ness Lee
Lord Knows
[Intro: Ness Lee]
Ay-ay Mook
What up bro
You said you know I’m nice with them rhymes pimp
So you understand how I can’t let that track go
Ay Lux what it do bro
You said, let it inspire you right?
You think we can’t rhyme, I know
So this what it inspired

[Verse: Ness Lee & *Loaded Lux sample*]
Look, I know, of all these things these arseholes be poking fun at
Never the charts though, they know we run that
[?] we’ll claim that whenever we change rap forever the game’s back together yeah
So the phrase you can’t take back whatever you say that’s forever rеmains fact forever yeah
Translation you facе-planted and fell from a plane crash directly on train tracks and tethered
I plain crash ya’ parade and take, half ya’ plate ‘cause ya’ weight class is feather in case cats forget ya’
You take, drastic measure and say that you’ll come back for like eight stacks or better plus eight stacks for measure
You think, any of these leagues gonna pay that then fella you straitjacket clever
I reveal that like I’m Ray Stacks so hate me like Dame Dash not angry I stay swagged remember that payback’s a heifer
But ain’t no love lost baby I’m just addressing that craziness in ya’ one song, maybe I could be stretching
Never imply a diss ‘do, aim it in a direction ‘cause an indirect shot could still make a direct connection
I am, Ness, the spokesperson for country
The irony of it is your folks heard me and love me
Southern but hip hop’s been inside me so when you diss the whole south you diss that shit that I bring
A nickel nine spit it like me so if your finger rise and click behind a trigger fine, then it is like Lee
I get inside ya’ little nice dreams identify you by ya’ tight jeans and triple-high kick ya’ ice cream
Why sleep on the side the rhymes mean and [?]’s clean fly as inside a IV
Yes I was signed to Iovine but my life’s scheme never defied the pipe dreams
Now I’m back, wrecking a luxury Loaded ride lights on high-beam, off wit’ ya’ head nighty night peace
The best on ya’ team though you have never won a ring but just excessive getting shine, you got that Clyde the Glide steez
Sneak-dissing like a [?] gon’ do, thought we wouldn’t fire back but the shottie go boom
I oppose, I am back, next shot is on you
I am on and I’ll attack, I will hop in phone booth
Find a bomb by ya’ tank, send ya’ rockets on through
Fire arms, bought a K, you can lock and load tools
Try and swarm I am safe man a prophet won’t move
I alone might evade don’t be cocky so soon
And I ain’t special my n***a, we got a bunch of me’s
Got understudies that’s better than me up under me
So you can never say that Nessy ain’t honest
I’m just saying this to tell you “Just respect me, pay homage”
[Outro: Ness Lee]
This ain’t got nothing to do with them skreets
This ain’t got nothing to do with who’s the hardest
It’s all about the bars pimp
And I dare you to say something back bro
Yosemite Ham n***a