Ness Lee
I’m A Superstar
See the first time around I was good
This time around I'm great (that's right)
What your problem is (what's that?)
My good is better than most of y'all's great

[Verse 1]
Don't get it twisted man, ballin' ain't easy
Every other shot got 'em sounding like Jeezy (Ayyy)
I bank it off of the glass, I'm like stop, cross, and pop it
And pass but get 'em off me. (Get 'em off me)
A criss-cross dribble will drop you in your path, Look ma
I go outside and take a shot from the grass
I ain't gotta act, pops, I got it all in a bag
I'm that large and have a popular swag, uh
I'm runnin' the set when I'm locked on
Whole career's nothin' but net like dot com
I shoot jumpers in bed to rock songs, no jokes here
I'm one of the best, and I got a hot palm
When my shot's off, it's stunning at best
My shot's on, it just doubles the threat
I got a hot sauce move that'll cause y'all to stumble your steps
Got hops like "No wonder, it's Ness,"
I'm a superstar

Hard work man, that's all it took
I done did every move in the book 'cause
I'm a superstar
It's all game I done seen it cause
Who'd a known I was getting this large?
I'm a superstar
It ain't nothing I ain't seen or did
There's only one dude that's beating the kid 'cause
I'm a superstar
All the good things this game brings
My life the only song I sing 'cause
I'm a superstar

[Verse 2]
Got three homes in Dallas, and if we take a tour of
My Atlanta crib, you'll leave goin', "He owns a palace?"
Each phone I keep holds a challenge
I own 'bout three, four of 'em at least
And leave them home on the counter
Don't reach, homes, I'll leave you off your balance
And we ain't even speaking of my talent
Your team will be grounded
'Cause when I'm dead just call out
My jump shot's more like a credit card
I don't leave home without it
It's like I'm stuck in the past, I got a '57 Chevy
With a Nav-y system stuck in the dash, yeah
Every game I play is chuckles and laughs
'Cause end of the day, I'ma shake you up from your slacks
All my doors raise up, she like
"Dag, how you get five jumps on your Jag?"
I'm like, listen ma, the brother's bad
All you gotta know is that I got a lot to show
I'm a superstar

I got keys and everybody flashin' theirs dog, why not me?
Ain't nobody gettin' a spot seeing my top speed
I done killed the game just check the autopsy
Everybody gettin' a spotlight to shine off me
Me, myself, and I be in my top three
Yo, I ain't given this position by no luck, man
Ask the hood about me, they know

[Verse 3]
Calling timeout? He's no liar
I told you this is my house three songs prior
She seen the chrome bling on the tires
So when I leave off for three, "He's on fire!"
Now I can 'magine I'm a [?]
Laughing in the Hamptons in a hammock with a mansion
And my [?] in the back of me
So all of you champs that want to challenge me
Just how much of an example of where you have to be
I'm a superstar

Yeah, Ness Leesley you know, Foundation
What up, Jamal? Rob Weezy, JC, Rap music
Please believe it, all up in here
Still on production man
You even be, holla at me
What up Johnny Balla?