Young Lace
Let Em Know
[Verse 1: Young Lace]
N***as ain't gonna like this
My flow tight, no vice-grip
I'm walking in that mall
I'm thinking about what I might get
I'm thinking about what I might get for your girl, and me too
Diamonds and then pearls, why she don't wanna see you
I got that white girl, with a white girl
On my white girl, she like girls
Airports and runways
We're out of town for the night girl (yep)
Cop this and cop that
Hedge pop and pop back
My wrist pop for that recoil
Call that shit that snapback
Pocket full of them big faces
Big face on my wrist doe
I'm a fly n***a with flies
All around me, I'm the shit dawg
Your n***a born in '88
Hustle hard n***a, day to day
I'm in the league, gotta pay to play
I quench yo girl, gatorade
Bands in my pocket, Bands, I'mma throw 'em
I get bands all night and I count bands in the mornin'
Black beads on a black chain, my white girl got a black brain
My black girl got a white brain, her body cold like ice man
Cop that, no price range, my white Range like rice man
Told them labels hurry up and buy, that's that chow mein
I'm a real G like Calvin, ? you know this
Gettin' bread, I'm on now, stuntin' all on my old bitch
[Hook: Young Lace]
If you ain't takin' no shit from a n***a, let 'em know
Let 'em know, let 'em know
If you still ridin' with your day 1 n***as, let 'em know
Let 'em know, let 'em know
If you ain't takin' no shit from a n***a, let 'em know
Let 'em know, let 'em know
If you still ridin' with your day 1 n***as, let 'em know
Let 'em know, let 'em know

[Verse 2: Fat Trel]
They say I ain't ever rocked for a n***a or a cop
Or a bitch, I got thirty in my clip, bull shit
You will die, oh my God, my fourty, my fourty-five
Look a n***a in his eyes while I ? for the ?
Trey seven-four that's a double homicide
Outside, outline, flatline, gun line
Out of sight, out of mind, we do this shit all the time
Have his whole church cryin', kill me if I'm lyin'
Shootin' at the feds, I don't plan on fryin'
I ain't thinkin' 'bout his kids, take his soul for a ride
Why? Cause I don't give a fuck
Disrespect the set, I'll let this chopper lift 'em up
Throw 'em in the truck, lay his body in the trunk
? is in the lake, no funeral, no wake
And I'm bringin' back how much ever we can take
Bustin' grams with the gang, count bands in your face
[Hook: Young Lace]

[Verse 3: Cashout Kidd]
Money, I'm 'bout, but I'll take a loss and bounce right back
Boss n***a, no Ross n***a, this Wave Gang, not Maybach
Get the kush and lay back, my wrist rocky, no A$AP
Yo n***a, he'd old news like fitted hats and wave caps
? I pop shit, live a thug life like Pac did
In the kitchen, tryna rock it, then chop it up for profit
On the block, tryna double up, Yao Ming, I'm posted up
Houston Rocket, my double cup, ?
I hit the mall and I ball, Louie V front wall
N***a I want it all, ?, ?, and drawers
Jimmy Choos and ?
I'm better off without cuffin' hoes cause that's against the law
YL let 'em know, 504, let 'em know
? let 'em know, Cashout, hustle
Wave Gang, we rep that, my whole team got jet lag
If you disrespect that, I'm like click clack

[Hook: Young Lace]

[Verse 4: Ice Burgundy]
BSM off top, I'mma let 'em know
N***a run up on me, I'mma let it go
Never been a ho, I'm from Englewood Ave, n***a
I'm so 700 I'm like Lil Half n***a
No mass n***a, ?
On your ass n***a, no homo
I laced her young, then I sent her off to Young Lace
You know pimps stick together, word to ?
Out of state plates, I'm ridin' through the ghetto
New York n***as say I'm thorough, I'll hop out in any bureau
I'll hit ?
? and they bring me the dinero
I make movies, bitch, Burgundy ?
And your chances of gettin' in are slim, skinny, and narrow
Beatin' up the bass like a motherfuckin stereo
My dog just caught a case, cold killer, I'm talkin' serial
Go against the grain and you'll be milk box material
I'm on the paper chase, watch me leave a fat trail
I camp in the hood off of weed and crack sales