Dana Williams
Room 27
[Intro: Rejjie Snow]
Always on my own like "ha ha ha ha"
Jump to the ledge like "ha ha ha ha"
Jumping to the sky like "ha ha ha ha"
I might do it like "ha ha ha ha"
My funeral with 27 people like "ha"
Always on my own I'm like "ha ha ha ha"
Jumping to the sky like "ha ha ha ha"
I'm like hahahaha

[Chorus: Dana Williams]
Have no friends in 27
By myself in 27
All alone in 27
Found her body in 27
Please pray for me, in 27
Have no friends in 27
By myself at 27
All alone in 27

[Verse 2: Rejjie Snow]
Yo, check this
I might kill me a n***a like pow pow pow pow
Put the gun up in his mouth like n***a I don't give a *bleep*
Still I'm chasing demons, best believe I ain't been eating
Best believe I see my shadow checking on me like I'm Jesus, but
Jeez Louise this paranoia haunting me like erryday
Hotel food and Skyping you, I love it when you lingerie
Hotel rooms, hotel rooms, crying 'bout this fucking few
Candle burning, candle burning, inkwell for my favourite do
I fucking hate your guts, look what you've became, it's nuts
Now its down, down, down, down all the way to hell and up
Up is where you treaded, life is sacraments and atheists
Trade your morals, my withdrawals
Heroin and pissy cups
Uncles he no longer has, no guidance and looking back
Nobody to call his own, phone be ringing always off
(Hello? Hello?)
I don't even trust myself, feel like I just don't belong
Feel like fucking flying, wish you understand my fucking thoughts
Confidence is terminated, hatred in my fucking bones
Hate your fucking skinny-legged fame, I hope you fucking choke
In denial, homicidal court cases and algebra
I was doing licks and getting money but this passion was
Me and microphone, this room was 27 like the club
Dead kids, too short, life gone, mad drugs
Suicide, genocide, responsibility for us
Responsibility for us
Look inside the mirror, looking thinner, but they paying us
I guess I'm fucking famous doing Versace and Adda now
27 like the club, 27 different drugs
I be going back to black, stairway up to heaven bruh
[Outro: Rejjie Snow]
27, 27, 27, 27