Sarah Kay
Leverage the Power of WordPress for your Business
Entrepreneurs and small business owners lack the time and resources for various functions of the business such as marketing and sales, support and administrative work. Constrained by time, they can hardly manage the website on their own. But, this was before 2013, when WordPress got launched. Ever since WordPress, business owners can easily manage the site with a click of a few buttons and from anywhere. The only thing you require is an internet connection and a computer. You can hire a WordPress designer from any company that provides web design services to enable the transition from a traditional website to a WordPress website. Here are some of the features of WordPress you can leverage to expedite the growth of your business.

1. Built-in Blogging Platform and CMS
The best thing about WordPress is that this is a free PHP based CMS (Content Management System) which integrates in-built blogging tool for content publishing. It is effortless to use and only takes a few minutes to get accustomed. You can request the web Development Company or WordPress web developer to customize the blog as per the needs of your business.

2. Wide Range of Themes and Plugins
In WordPress, you can add new features and functionality with the help of themes and plugins. Since this is open-source software and widely used, you can choose from a wide range of themes and plugins. Most of the plugins are available for free, which is another impressive thing about WordPress. You can add features to the website to increase sales at no cost whatsoever. In the WordPress plugins repository, there are over 40K plugins you can choose from. You can extend the core functionality of WordPress with the plugins by adding features such as eCommerce, marketing and promotion, security and backup, web analytics, caching, photo gallery, image optimization, forms, and much more. With these features, the website can become much more than a few static pages.

3. Good Way to Showcase Portfolios
If you are a designer, freelancer, writer, artist, or any professional that attracts customers based on previous work, the WordPress platform offers attractive ways to present your work to the clients. You can display your work in photo galleries, portfolio listing, case studies, audiovisuals, or any other methods. Ninety percent of artists and professionals whose work comes in the artist category rely on WordPress.

4. Best for Digital Marketing
When we think of SEO and digital marketing, WordPress is the best. The CMS platform is designed to assist all your digital marketing efforts naturally. You do not have to do a thing and would automatically check a number of good SEO practices with a WordPress website such as a responsive website, fast website, intuitive website, and more. With WordPress, it is easy to implement the analytics code and do a number of things.

5. Ecommerce
Those days are behind us when we needed a complex website, cart management tools, and heavy software to run an eCommerce website? Today, you can sell products online by merely installing a WordPress plugin. Ask the web design company to include a product selling feature in the web design prices.

This is how you can leverage the power of WordPress to fuel the success of your online business.