Anis Mojgani
[Verse 1]
When you settle down
Nobody can hurt you now
Cause you're in my heart
And this is my lullaby
I wrote this for you, girl
And everything you're going through
Just take my hand..
And we'll go..
To Neverland

Baby it's true

[Hook 1]
By the end of the day
It is your name i'll say, yeah
And the games we shall play
Never will I change
You make me feel like "honey and trombones"
And you know that i'll always break your fall

[Verse 2]
Suits and neckties
I long for this life
Ladies of stature (used to) waved as you passed by
Understand that, I need you in my life
Let's live our dreams, You're more alive than you seem, baby girl
I'm keeping you warm, and safe from the storm
And I'll be your super hero, and
I'll rescue you're broken heart
I hope that you have sweet dreams
As you sleep while I sing
Sing you your lullaby
I won't make you cry

Inaudible -
"Hahaha, like I ain't got no trumpets..
What am I gonna do with no trumpets tho, like foreal haha"

(*attemps trumpet noise with mouth)

"Hahahah, hahahaah, this isn't working hahaha...."

(Peom by Anis Mojgani at "Heavy and light Concert 2-22-13" @theTLA in Philadelphia, PA)

"This is how she makes me feel
Like I will live forever
Like there is nothing that could possibly harm me
Like this body will stay young and perfect
There are cities growing inside my chest
The cities all look like New York, in the 50's
Every building is tall enough to touch a cloud
Every automobile a convertable
All the men wear hats and Neckties
The women all have beautiful shades of color upon them
Someone has saved a baby, there is a parade!
(Audience laughs)
Someone has saved ALL the babies!
(Audience laughs again)
There is the biggest parade, moving inside of me
The sky explodes with tinker tapes-
Strangers on every corner
Their kisses, are what make me live forever-
This, is how she makes me feel
Like honey and trombones...

Honey & Trombones..."

"Thank you"

[real outro]


(*The voice of an mid 90's Tekken arcade game
Annouces the final 10 seconds, until
You are disqualified from the tournament..)