Reboot (Intro)

Mission log, day one, restart, reboot, recalibrate

Start saying words that make em salivate

Recharge, restart, it's a continuation

Of what I've been doing, there won't be no hesitation

My name is Brett D, it's always been me with no monikers

Y'all may have heard of me or this your first time with this chronicle

Here's a statement for y'all, you can call this a resumé

I slow it down, take a breath 'fore you try to get ahead of me

I was a nerd and genius before it was cool to bе smart

If I was wearing high waters, you would call me rеtard

I was good at English and that became my major

Now I work in tech and I'm steady gettin' that paper
I can count the number of times that I've drank or smoked weed

Cause I've never really needed that stuff to show me

That I can be a dope MC, yes I still call it MC

Master of ceremonies for whoever go against me

But hey it's all good, cause I welcome the challenge

I fucking love this rap game, there's a whole bunch of talent

I've had a funny relationship with hip hop

Been on and off like flip flops while the time went tick tock

I'm 28 now and I'm thinkin' I better do this

Can I still run with the youngins? Hell yeah and I'mma prove it

But y'all ain't gonna catch me playin' my vocals in my background

You do that? I throw you into submission and make you tap out

Put you in ankle locks or the crippler crossface
Striking you out, pop fly, leavin' you off base

I don't need ice to make it cold, you still need a North Face

If we was battlin' for trophies, best believe you be 4th place

Up in your face like a nerd facing his bully

I see the anger in your eyes, why you waitin' to pull me?

I'm right here. I'mma be your worst nightmare

I'mma put a curse on you, no F word, I swear

Thought that was funny? Like my jokes? I'm a fucking comedian

But don't you dare get in my path, cause I'm crossing the median

Catch me rollin' in my Corolla that get me 28 miles

Your foreign barely pushin' 12 and you claim you got style?

I'm cuttin' you off while you cursing and give me the finger

Well your girl's gonna catch this finger when I Super Like her on Tinder
This shit is way beyond some braggin' and boastin'

I'm on a streak of NoFap, so I'm motherfuckin' floatin'

I'll say the corniest shit, maybe the horniest shit

I'm rainin' gold shit on all of y'all and that's some glorious shit

I see you sick and you be baffled, why don't we start a raffle?

The winner gets to see me piss in your face in a rap battle

And the cops ain't gonna stop me, they gon laugh at yo ass

I'm on my gangsta rap shit, I bust a cap in yo ass

I punish you like your step daddy slappin' yo ass

I stick this microphone pole up in the crack of yo ass

I'm an Aquarius, I'm here to get the world wet

To say as much disgusting shit, man who's gonna hurl next?

This ain't no safe space, no trigger alert

I may die someday but not till I finish you first