Dream Drive
Verse 1:
Drivin’ from the Jerz, all the way up to New Hampshire
Playin’ Simple Plan on my stereo, got me amped up
Cause I know that’s ya favorite type of music
I’m fuzzy inside, but yo, watch me as my mood switch
Knockin’ on yo door, while it’s snowin’ outside
Feelin’ warm inside, got me feelin’ alright
You open up the door, I see a smile on yo face
I’m givin’ you a hug, you warmer than a fireplace
Long dark hair and a dark skin complexion
Tank top and short shorts give me an erection
But I put it down for now
Let’s let it build ‘fore I put yo kitty down for the count
Nobody else is home, you got the place to yoursеlf
That’s where I’m comin’ in, don’t gotta wait for no help
I’m takin’ off my hat, coat, glovеs and my shoes
Follow you from behind as we go up to your room

We watch a little Jim Carrey, then we watch the Office
Michael Scott got me dead, lay me in a coffin
Girl I laugh ya life and ya smile while we cuddlin’
Let’s lock up the door so nobody comes bustin’ in

Verse 2:
We lay up in yo bed, turn on the Netflix
Scrollin’ through the movies, see what’s on the next list
Switch back to Freeform, let’s see what they’re havin’ on
Your eyes lighten up, cause it’s a Harry Potter marathon
We’re watchin’ Harry “wavin’ his wand.”
I start holdin’ yo hand while you lay on my arm
Put my leg next to yo leg and I’m feelin yo thigh
I’m hearin’ you sighin’ so you feelin’ alright
Your skin’s feelin’ warm and soft as I’m rubbin’ it
Pull me in closer so I know that you lovin’ it
I’m turnin’ towards you, look at ya face now
And I’m gettin all excited from the waist down
You pull me in for a kiss, breathin’ down my throat
Tongues do the talkin’, try not to choke
I turn off Harry Potter, you ain’t upset
Feelin’ on your butt, I guess you know what “comes” next
Verse 3:
Girl you ever wonder bout the galaxy
You ever think there’s aliens or is it just a fallacy?
She said “B, I think they’re watchin us now
You think we could fly up to meet them in a rocket somehow?”
I said “yeah let’s get some rocket fuel, fly up in a spaceship
Put our cloaks on so they won’t know our location.”
I said “yo why don’t we go hit up Jimmy Neutron?
He can fly us up there while we put our spacesuits on
She said “yeah but why don’t we go tomorrow?
Let’s stay here for now, we got some time to borrow.”
Forget leaving, we’re snowed in
Let’s go back to bed and do it all again.”