Queen Ifrica
Let’s get silly
You are my best friend withing a million years
Still I get a little worried
As I count di days
So before we lose our way and fall apart
Lets act silly, play around like children in di park
Lets act silly, touch di filli in di dark
Lets act silly, life is way too short to hesitate
Lets get busy, lets act silly
Everything was fine
When di ball had to shine
Now it's just memories, we hardly even kiss
Before crosses looking pleak
Di very thoughts makes me weak
Before we have to call on doctor Fill
Lets do movies, dinner on di mystic mountain
Baby let's get away
We need a holiday
Don't worry about di bills today
Honey di kids will be ok
(Repeat )
We must identify what presentifies di braking down
Taking percussion every measures
Before it all falls to di ground
It's not ova till it's ova
What we have is worth fighting for
As a matter of urgency
(Repeat )
(Repeat )