Intuition & Equalibrum
[Verse 1]
Last thing you said was you hate me
But you still held me for safety
You pushed me out of your apartment as the tears in your face stream
Down your powdered cheek until they formed in a lake
We been tryin' to orbit the space
We made out of lonely and lazy
The cuddles lead to comfort
Comfort leads to complacence
Cause while the other is leaving
We know that one is stuck staying
Patiently waiting for nay-thing
Cause nothing is changing
Except the days in the week and fucking you leads to frustration
I just couldn't take it
How you were paid to be naked
And that caused me to be distantness
This frail ego was shaken
You know that I loves you
But was too selfish to say it
So whatever you felt for me failed to fester hatred
And I was too late and I feel ashamed that I wasted
A perfect chance to be an honest man who lives for his lady
I might have a problem, think I'm addicted to chasing
Because as soon as it's easy
I leave without even waving
Yeah, and turn a maid into a mistress
Why do damaged goods attract like two negatives will fix it?
Pistol whip the passion to a sedative submission
You said that I'm a bastard and I bet that is a symptom
I was wrong, so this my half-ass apology
For every time I didn't hold your hand outside for all to see
Every time I let you in my bed when you were calling me
After we'd established you'd never get what you want from me
A self-centered, selfish son of a bitch
Cause' he doesn't deal with feelings and keeps running from shit
I openly think I'm stuck and ain't got nothing to give
So I never thought I'd see you past a couple of trisps
But who know? Guess that's a pattern I'm apart of
How every girl I met that ever mattered had start up
I push away until you leave me and I'm hard up
Then run back and say I miss you, convince you I'll give my heart up

All I leave is, All I leave is, All I leave is

All I leave is ruins
All I leave is ruins
Everytime I do it