So Sticky
[Intro: B.o.B]
Alright look
This B.o.B right here
Homeboy swag
What up
Tell them how we smoking bro
We smoking good
Only the best
Broski oski

[Hook: B.o.B]
My reefer so sticky sticky I can’t get it off my hands
Its so sticky sticky the scent stuck to my pants
Its so sticky sticky I can’t get it off my hands
Its so sticky sticky sticky sticky

[Verse 1: Swagg]
Now I swear I be smoking that dro dro dro
Put it in my chest till I choke choke choke
Roll up the window let it blow blow blow
If I see the po po then I go go go
And I don’t know why I gotta have it
But I gotta have it, what can I say?
Call my dope dealer then I go grab it
Now I gotta pack it to the ak
47 and you know that I’m gonna roll 11
Till I fill up my whole intestine
Man I love me a good smoking session
Take a hit and I go straight to heaven
Take a sip of the Remi Martin
In the charge of the hemi it’s startin
And then we just zip zip zoom zip zip zoom

[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Well you already know how my reefer blow
Similar to the way a reefer blow
So R E S P E C T my dro
Cause this right here will leave you froze
Old cloud 9’s where I need to go
So you know what it is when you see the smoke
Don’t talk to me just leave me lone
My minds not here, it leaves the globe
I need to make my own papers cause I roll blunts faster than they make em
The way I blaze up, I smoke enough green to feed Jamaica
And now I can’t function, I knew I was thinking bout something
This ain't unusual for me in case you’re wondering


[Verse 3: B.o.B]
Oh my god I’m smoking so much
How much we got left? Bout 4 blunts
I can’t take anymore I’m so stuck
I’m so high that I can’t even go up
But I don’t give a damn n***a roll up
But after that first one hold up
Cause I might need to chill on it
My lungs ain't made outa steel homie
We on them northern lights
So you know we don’t have no boring night
Take one hit of that shit, and it’ll feel like your mind did a backflip
So don’t smoke with us we open up that sack and then we smoke it up
In 5 minutes like we have a time limit