Street Propaganda
[Verse 1: Wyld]
Chiddy, they ain't bring bills like church out
I coulda did anything, took the dirt route
Hundred thousand dollar cars when I murk out
Cardio in the kitchen get the work out
I can eyeball, I ain't gotta weigh that
Pure bills, better pray he get his face back
Started small ball, tre packs
Pull a drop, do a 1-2 wayback
I can get 'em to your door in an instant
Send a block, titty rock on the imprint
Money don't stop, over time, check my time clock
I'm takin' guap with me [?]
Oversize rocks chilling in my cool chain
Louis Vuitton, homie, down to the shoe string
Got money everywhere like Bruce Wayne

I got my arm, I got my hammer
Against the odds, I'm a gambler
Talking that street, proper gander
Them birds fly
I got three or four cops, how can you relate?
I got three or four spots, ten cities, five states
[Verse 2: No Malice]
It's the M.A., I chop that block like a sensei
Malice take straight to the whip like Kinte
Numb to the taste, rock hard or freebase
Biddin' off the the highest [?]
This real rap, other cats is cliche
The proofs in the pudding, I cook it I put my foot in
You ain't gotta wonder if we in them streets
Damn right we in the game like Nintendo Wii
We welcome this life where we play full keeps
You know who my kinfolk be, Jeezy
Ferrari M6 I make it look easy
We done came up like George and Weezy
"Squeeze me," says trigger to the finger
For he who thought I was just rap singer
The floodgates opened, wrapped up Katrina
You can't imagine the hell I'ma bring ya


[Verse 3: Pusha T]
I'm caught between a rock and a hard place
Pyrex or the raw, wait
World is mine on my Scarface
Sell butter like it's Parkay
Haters wanna see me Shawshank
Locked up, boxed up in them yard greys
Heartbroken when they see him in that R8
The condo, no crawlspace
That's the penthouse, all off-beige
The indictments, I'm on a lost page
The family never tell it, my n***as all made
Death before dishonor, n***a
I turn any city to a sauna, n***a
Every small town hit by the tsunami
Swag surf kilos 'til the feds find me
We're wow money, we getting wild money
Just killed this shit, take a bow homie