Zeds Dead & Omar LinX
Leave You in the Ground

Out the grave
Feelin' awake
I knock the dirt off my boots
I'm just sayin, nobody saved me
Don't go blaming Jesus
He's just the grounds keeper, sound asleep
He'd never assume
That I'm unearthing where they put me
He gon' wake to some news

Back from the dead i've come to get it
Don't care who I discredit
No more cues, no more edits
I know the truth is upsetting
I'm in the booth, I'm resetting
No more doctors, no more medics
I'm feelin' unapologetic
Cus' your music's pathetic

I'm a menace
Check the news
Check who said it
Check the gram
Check on reddit
Send a text
Send a fedex
Check your moms while you're at it
Check yourself 'fore you check me
Or I'ma leave you in the ground where they left me

[Verse 2]

(Killa) Killa from the start
To the stars
You can never come apart
When you know what you are
I been riding a wave
Out in Hawaii in may
You know that I be getting paid out for the rest of my days

I guess I'm not for the grave
I watch that love turn to hate
Watch it clearing out the place and I'm just fixing a plate
This time it isn't the same
There’s things I’m itching to say
I know whats real, I know the fake
It’s written all on your face

I been awake
Now I'm awake
It's your mistake to assume
Throw on the cape n no one safe
I swear they waiting to lose
Id rather Re-up and reload
Until it’s we making the news
I’ll make a habit of this havoc
I got nathan to do
The streets are still littered with thieves
Mixed with Go getters that dream
They sick n blinded by the greed
I guess you get what you see
The game a fuckin disease
That’s why I’m never deceived
Fuck what you selling
Ain’t no telling what’s up under my sleeve