Lil JoJo
I Got Dat Sack
On the block with the guys, n***as know I keep that 30
Catch an opp from the Lam, he gon' catch the whole 30
Man, these n***as, they be talkin', they know they ain't bout that life
A lot of guns, hell of shell, n***a I'll end yo life
Claim 3Hunna, you get wacked, n***a that ain't where it's at
Came to his show, Andreana's, but they ran out the back
Catch 'em in traffic with Lil Reese, man they gon' feel this Mac
BDK, that's my team, and my city got my back
Went to school with these n***as, but, that don't mean shit
My n***a Tel knocked 'em out, you should have seen that shit
On this Tray with STL, shout out FBG
My n***a Rico doing hits, you can ask D.O.D
N***as bitch clickin' up, so it's fuck AMG
Durk a ho callin' phones, saying he don't want no beef
But fuck this Rap, I ain't gon' talk, I'mma leave it in the streets
I'mma leave it in the streets
I'mma leave it in the streets

[Outro: Lil JoJo & P.Rico]
Die L's man
That's how that shit go man
You know how we rock
Bricksquad D-Block
Fuck the opps
JoJo never going dumb on Lil Durk's bitch ass
BDK, die L's, on Queen Dave
Let's get it