Lil JoJo
We Out Here
Smylez and the boys, ink on my skin, pole on my belt, y'all already know what the fuck it is I ain't even gotta talk to y'all
We is out here, My n***a $wagg bitch, dont call me shit else

Big poles, twisted metal no fucking games
Catch an opp, whack an opp, and nothing changed
In a foreign, chasing bags while Im switching lanes
For JoJo, we out here we ain't no lames
Catch em lacking, scary movie, bring nightmares
BrickSquad, TookaVille, we out here
For JoJo, we hauwk em, like spider webs
Big guns, alot of blunts, we out here

[Verse 1]
Fuck a opp, patch an opp we ain't no lames
I'm sipping lean, rolling thoints tryna' hit a stain
Wuga world, 075 what's out the stain
These n***a's snitching picking up the case and then dropping names
Feed the fam, feed the gang, man, fuck the fame
The news tweaking, talking 'bout my brother slain
Fuck that, fuck them you know his name
Cause real n***as don't get killed it's assasinate
Dollar signs, swagging out I'm a fucking menace
I be about my green tryna' cape a lenox
Big cannons in my draws I'ma let 'em have it
Killing all these beats, I think I got a habbit


[Verse 2]
No talking, no words, this shit is cracking
We see him, we move him, not talk just sacking
My n***as, they crazy, they love that action
Them L n***as they huffing, we call that capping
No mercy for an opp, nah they getting whacked
Find out where he keeps his stash like the shit was hacking
Find out where he sleep and he ain't coming back
Freeze his body up like a fucking heart attack
I gotta get it, I'm banding up for these dollars
I'm out here, they out here, big choppers
Free my pops, free the guys, no lockers
No Jamaican shit, this is Chiraq and we shottaz