Lil JoJo
Murder Talk Pt. 5
Free Max
(J-J-J-JT on the track again) Let's go
Aight (AyoCBass, it's a hit)
I'm pourin' (Ayy)
[?] n***a say he want smoke
Dead man, dead man chokin' on the floor, go (Ohh, shit)
I don't give [?] friends, fuck
2Pac, old song, [?] hit a n***a opp

[Verse 1]
So what? I dyed my dreads gray (What?)
That ain't the only thing that's dead, gang
Mister shoot a n***a in his damn face
Bleh, bleh, bleh, dirty pistol, it's a throw away
Ain't nobody goin' in the river, that's a closed case (I'm pourin')
That's the end of your chapter
Somebody call Mary Graham to get a motherfuckin' pastor (Yeah, yeah)
My brotha Wop delivered caskets
Flip to the book of revelations, it's the motherfuckin' rapture (Ayy)
Dead man, dead man
This that murdеr talk, go
Killers outside ya house
If you comе out then it's July 4th
Headshot, dead man down on the damn floor
N***a, pick ya pallbearers, what the fuck you waitin' for? Boom, boom
Choppa in the car, what the fuck is in the trunk?
If you ain't shot nobody
What the fuck you got that gun for?
Dead man
Dead man
Down on the damn floor
Fucking pussy n***as

I be really out here spinnin benz
So I can't drop no music
Hella shells left in his side
But this ain't taco Tuesday
You be with them pussy ass lil boys
With all that bullshit
He thouhtg e whasgood inside his hood till we started shootin'
One too many n***as died
But I ain't even goin' speak on that
They can't have no viewing
Ko b lurking
Where his people at
You cae't get acknowledgment
N***a I can't show you non rspect
We goin' get his man
Then we goin try to get his momma next

Go go go
Boom Boom n***a
Choppa in the car
What the fuck is in the trunk for?
My choppa retarded it go dumb dumb n***a
Ael that dissing on the dled
That what little buddy got alumpse for
Lets go
Tornado Kidd n***a
Choppa town n***a
Tornado Kidd Spinnin'

Bitch shut yo ass up
I been shootin' this choppa since a juvenile
Backin n***as ass up
Bitch take this mother fuckin switch off my mag
Tryna aim this mother fucker
Hit a n***a in the hat
This stupid shit shoot too fast

Bam Bam

Dirty ass blicky
Aye fully loaded
Them bodies that be missin
They still got the city pourin'
I just fucked a opp bitch raw
Cuz I ain't gonna use no trojan
These nosey ass neighbor
They keep askin' who I'm smokin'