Cuban Link
When I Die
Man what the f**k is we gone do man?
Sh*t man I can't believe this sh*t man
Them motherf**kers done killed him
We got to ride for this n***a
On them old ho a** n***as
I say we ride over right there right now
That's what I'm talking about let's roll

[Verse 1]
As we delve through the mud and rain
Straight shots of Tangue ease the pain
As we put to rest one of my n***as that got cut up and lost half his brain
Sh*t ain't the same n***as is dangerous
Buckin like it's the thang to bust
When I looked at my n***a f**ked up
I couldn't help thinking this could've been aimed for us
N***as do hate like that, n***a you never know
He say a friend but I smell foe
So I sit back and wait for the day n***as try to kick in my door
So I sleep with the big fo-fo
But what if I f**k up and pull it too slow
You know what they say gotta go gotta go
What if I be the one breathing no more, oh well
When I die I want all my motherf**kers to ride [for me]
On the n***as that did me killed me committed my homicide
Gather up after the funeral [posse up] and pull out all the big guns
Go through every hood poppin till somebody tell you somethin
How in the f**k can I rest in peace when I wasn't ready to die
So I'm begging my n***as to get my revenge
And do it the same night they put me under
Now I'm gone but this thug sh*t gone live on
Just write on my tombstone he was that thuggish ruggish bone
Murda mo n***as gone kill some more [n***a you never know when you gone die]
Murda mo n***as gone kill some more [ say never know when it could be you]
Murda mo n***as gone kill some more [they leave yo house and don't come back]
Murda mo n***as gone kill some more [this sh*t is real and oh so true]

[Fat Joe]
When I die I wanna see about a hundred n***as cryin
Lying, talkin bout they all love Ryan
And Joey too, you should've seen him at the funeral
Sporting the top hat tuxedo was royal blue, murder who
N***a, I died in the car chase, shot the place like the last scene in Scarface
Now I'm in the far place chillin in the whites of the sky
Terror Squad till the day I die

[Big Pun]
I'm a thug, I'mma die high, O.D. off the la-la
N***as tell me get off that weed I'mma keep smoking on that thai-ai
N***a f**k that I'mma keep hittin that
[Puff puff] till my lung collapse what's wrong with that
You hypocrite just a little bit, you know you down with it
It's all good in your hood having laughs
Puff weed to clear my cataracts
Never thought I'd see the inside of an ambulance
But now I'm there too many dead brain cells, runnin round inside my head
That's when I died my eyes were blood shot red
[Cuban Link]
Now picture me dead, still getting head in the coffin flossin
B*t*hes fightin, cryin, tryin to get a bigger portion
My n***as talkin figuring how to get my fortune
While I'm lost in space waiting for satan and his horseman
Walkin through fire sparkin my lighter, cloud the sky up
Rising higher and higher, eye to eye with my messiah
Viya Con Dios as I cross the gates of hell
I faced the devil with a shovel and told him brace yourself

Reporters steady ask why KB be talkin bout murder on all the songs
I say cause I could step out the door somebody could pop and I'm gone
Then they wanna know why I pack chrome for one I'm paranoid
Smoking too much of that weed what's that I just heard a noise
Get the 12 gauge and I call my boys
Motherf**kers is plottin to get me I know when I'm dreaming this
So that's the meaning of this
Nine millimeter heater strapped with infrared beams and sh*t
So n***a don't trip the reaper seem to be getting closer
So I'm running from that motherf**ker swervin and duckin murder
Pistol grip pump protected by the gauge
Mr Sawed-Off Leatherface reload the clip and into the crowd I spray
Murder murder mo murder murder kill kill kill
Sh*t it's selling but what they ain't telling n***as is that it's real
But you better realize for it be you in the casket dropped
Better get you a** a shotgun and go get a plastic Glock
N***a don't take murder for no joke that's like slittin your own throat
But I tell you what'll help for sure is if you bust back at them hoes