Cuban Link
Someone To Hold

[Big Pun]
Veronica, don't hang up the phone
It's me, Pun
I'm sayin, don't hangup
Just hear me out


[Big Pun]
I know it's over, I know it's over
But just let me come over for one minute

For what?

[Big Pun]
So I can hold you in my arms one more time
Just one more time so I can show you
Show you what you're missin'
Time after time, when I'm alone
I keep thinking of you babe
And the way you make me feel
And I get excited and I can't deny it
Cuz I know when I feel this way
It just won't stay inside
With all this love I have
And I'm trying to explain
That my heart can belong to you

1 - All I want
All I need
All I ask
All I need is someone to hold
Hold me
Hold me
Hold me

Emotion is all I see
But I gotta feel your hands on me
Plain old words ain't enough babe
I gotta have your touch
Cuz I'm wanting you so much
Baby can't you see?
Repeat 1

Baby, baby, baby

Repeat 1

Being next to you
Is something that I wanna do
Let me hold you
I need you
Cuz no one can love you like I do

[Cuban Link]
One time, check it out, what
Mommy I'll be there when you're lonely
You can hold me like a teddy bear
See, I really care for what you're feelin' here
Tell it to me clear
Be sincere, don't get shookup
Cuz I'm the Cuban crook who wrote the Book of Love
So you could trust me suga'

[Big Pun]
When I look in ya' eyes
I see the sunrise
The way your tongue glides to the song
Gives me the strongest love rise
God was unwise to let the Pun find his perfect seven
You're my earth and heaven wrapped up in one perfect woman
[Cuban Link]
I felt it comin' since the first song is on
Now whenever you perform
Even the birds sing along
Bring the Dom Perignon and let's celebrate
Elevate your state of mind
Forget the headaches and just meditate

[Big Pun]
Honey, you smell great
Your scent is even sweeter than peeled grape
You're like an L base with dust crushin' the real lace
I feel ya heat already just knowin' I'm gonna be wit you
But once I get a hold, I'm never gonna relinquish you

Repeat 1 until fade