Cuban Link
As the World Turns
[Cuban Link]
When I was five I arrived in America
Made it alive survived the hell of a trip getting tellin us
Sellin the freedom town to put my feet on the ground
See whats around, then lock sh*t down like Nino Brown
I'm bound by yana and down for drama like Tony Man Tana
Ya'll clowns don't wanna f**k around pana
Puffin pounds of marijuana wit my honor ross
Gunner floss in the sun of fog getting charge so we'll party dark
Terror Squad my car-tel
We larger, it ain't hard to tell
We more cream then carn-val
For real pocket filled
1 hundred dollar bills
Probably with the squattin bill
Knowledge while we holla at the college girls
This how it feels to be on top of the world
Up in the pearl white drop just cruisin the barrel
Keepin it thrill l from the beginning to end do it yourself
Ain't no friends in this end-v-est world we livin in

[Hook] 2x
[Tony Sunshine]
As the world turns from life we learn (As the world turns)
The more money you earn
The more money to burn (More money to burn)
Make the sum cuz everything that glitters ain't go (glitters ain't go)
Get on the road to riches
Fulfill all your wishes and goals
Aiyyo there's only 1 life to live of many ways of livin
In many crazy feelin that see their money so high grazin cellin
My heart is so warm but they get cold at times
I might let you know from my oldest rhymes
I poll for shine, hold the nines
When I'm livin in the streets till we make it and take it
They nuttin giving cuz it ain't sweet
How you think I got nasty?
F**kin with older n***as tryin to pa** me
But couldn't out last me
It was a run in a race so don't disrespect
Or take this gun in your face so I can put my son in your place
Now we can get by in the form of it'll do all we'll f**k you though
Cuz I'm the boss like Hugo
You know the name black
My grown-nal bent, turned around and came back
I used to sling crack
Now I lay back and just play tracks
Make a haystack to get my fame better livin and never givin up
You can tell by this letter written

[Hook] 2x

[Triple Seis]
Yo, Yo, Yo
I feel like my life in is trouble
Glossy eyes off the lie
Tryin to stride to survive the struggle
I can't sleep, yo my cover is deep
Tryin to smuggle my fam like antiques
Been on the hottest corners and the bunks for weeks
Do I trust you?
Do you want this as bad as me?
Do I buss you or let love become my tragedy?
Always swore before I dropped out and was goin slower to the top
Everything I got I'm goin to bring it back to the block
Took a chance, stepped it up a notch in advance
Made the people dance
Now it's time to really enhance
All the horror
It's true you ain't even promise tomorrow
The bullet ripped through his starter
He blew it don't even bother
My main man
Me and him had the same plans
Took the same tames
I wrote the rhymes while he weighed grams
Made me understand
See the world revolve in the palm of my hand
[Hook] 4x