The Network
San Quinn:
Yeah yeah It's 1998 bitch, the beginning of a new era
Presidential records the network you better peep it
It's Frisco shit

Group Chorus Intro:
We do or die for this shit ride for this clique
We do or die for the shit ride for this clique
Brothers with the gold dentures

Verse 1: Messy Marv:

A turf nominee in the ghetto star Grammy's
Thug celebrity in these California alleys
A living legacy on the corners up in Cali
Remember me you might have seen me at the banny's
You heard of me from New Orleans to Miami
Memphis, Tennessee, KC to Silicon Valley
Put me in your Mally I knock a chip off your candy
From the O's up to Mac Block pass wild eyes by the Valley
Up through Page Street N-E-T
I be the M-E double S-Y I'm so fly, my-my-my
I do or die for this shit ride for this shit
The presidential shit, beyatch
Verse 2: Sky Balla:

Coppin coke from Colombians
11 for ki wrapped tight a thousand grams
So I calculate my profit and my pockets fat
Been a ballin young n***a ever since way back
As I play my position counting benjamins
I'm a fly rich gentlemen living elegant
I'm bout my fetti I used to be a straight up fool
Hit the gambling shack everyday after school
I used to shake em and then I break em
Stackin my paper in the game
Don't nothing change but the playaz
But now I peep the streets cuz they watching
I lay low money I'm clockin

Verse 3:
Million dollar shit me and my clique we drop lugs
The network you know that we live we all thugs
Billion dollar voices black Rolls Royces and Benzos
We send hoes cover our pimping with tight flows
Nobody knows what really goes on in Fillmoe
Diamonds and fine bitches we be running the show
Infatuated with dope, good cot and sports cars
Solid gold grill with the open face top bars
We all stars and ghetto celebs who pull licks
Me and diamond grill d we get Mexicans for kicks
Street politics locking it down state to state
Give us g's plus a motherfuckin platinum plate
Verse 4:
Well n***a one snitch and two and three fuck four
And run to the five six seven and got eight but a nina roll
You shoulda known it'd be tension when you fuckin
With some soldiers window jackin revenge
He was ripping off the dojia
I done told ya there's some money hungry savages
Up in these streets and a dirty n***a a do anything
To make his end's meet
Trying to survive playing these inner city games
And since it ain't no rules keep one in the chamber mayne
Kicking philosophies like Socrates
Puttin it your face step into the kitchen so you can get a taste
But this shit was a bit too hot
You shouldn't have ever touched the pot
Gotta feed em 16 shots with the beam of my Glock
It don't stop setting up shop
For me and my comrades hit the block
Hit the drop h8-6 Jag I see them jealous eyes
So I got to get that techno any damn thing
For my motherfucking come up

Verse 5:

You know we comin with that live shit
We arrive with I organize with down and analyze it
My plots to rob em still conniving with n***as I mob with
For years cops try to sabotage my peers criminal careers
That's how we live in the Western Addition
My coalition be the best in the business plus relentless
I'm successful livin up to the image
In a 4-2-zero windows tinted on twenty inches
Some live shit you'd be surprised what I survived
That's why thug n***as and killas is all I ride wit
It's my clique and we be on some do or die shit
We hide hits stack chips
Verse 6:

I'm trying to live major nice
Believe me man I done paid the price
Suffered from my share of them sleepless nights
Crapped out on life like hittin three on the dice
No steak on my plate just beans and rice
Running from the vice trying to flip some ice
Down on my luck trying to plot the heist
So much shit I had to sacrifice
Growing up in the Bay Area
Where wrong is right and we carry a
Gat for the night just as well as the day
I didn't make it that way but that's the way of the Bay
You'd be a fool if you think the whole Sco is gay
Cuz it's full of n***as like me after pay
Playaz pimping hoes selling O's of yay
Comin up with new hustles everyday
That's everyday

Verse 7: San Quinn:

This is double I never bubble just enough to get by
Constantly hustle stay outta trouble so I get high
N***as trying to flip pies I'm invested in our corporation
Presidential elected the illest across the nation
Rejected the suckas with they false [?]
Wishing me bad luck hating instead of congratulating
Hoe saving that's incurring upon my payment
These hoes remain hookers to money it's not adjacent
We goin places me and my 20 network n***as
Promotional tours we bustin whores in Richmond, Virginia
Vaginas get manip to whip cot on the pharoah
Only enough to flip a hundred fix and 98' Camaros
This is street politics heat and hollow tips
The shit we don't condone living up in my premises