The Network
Sozin’s Comet

I tell em
Who better to cook up on this shit but Young Xohhd?

He the
Holy beast
The gun 'll click and
Yo homie
Oh yeah you'll
Hold this piece
No J.I.G
He saw me now he puzzled at the masterpiece
They sayin
I'm exuberant
None of you n***as used to it
All you nuisances
Gotta show who the student is
Yea my brain been unscrewed a bit
Flow been sick causing mucus spit
Who is this?
Introducing him
Got the god on a Crusufix
He the
Soul of hope
Coming through
Boastin the
Dopest flow
Yea he
Got yo hoe
And he use her throat
She said it's too big
Tellin you its murder she wrote
It's too easy
Tellin you please believe me
Yea he want beef
Go ham when he see me
Talkin hot shit
Bullets spam now he leaky
Gottem turnin chicken like a n***a playing Ouji
I'm a asshole
Body not a ass though
All on my banana at the camp call her Lazlo
Shawty got a ass and a rack that's a fact though
Know you hear the bass up on the track yea it slap hoe
Tellin em
What's so hard to understand
Try comprehend
Look at me
Saying I'm the man
Sozins Comet bitch
Boi you know I spit the fuckin flame
It's insane
I've been registered as lethal cause my brain
Flow too sick and yet so clean
Just know I'm sippin xans and poppin lean
"Correction poppin xans and sippin lean?"
You know wtf I mean
I'm blowing dope
No smoke machine
You know the schemes
You'll freeze like a Loading Screen
I'll hold your spleen
And crush it like horror scene
Making sure they know it's me
Behold the king
Yea Xohhd was fucking chose to lead