The Network
I’m On It
[Verse 1: Joshie]
Its jharp im back once again
I'm slammin on em like big ben
Are my rhymes somewhat fast for you
Its ok go head and take ten
These lyrics u don’t understand
I write em with my magic hand
I'm rappin at the speed of light youd think I smoke some contraband
When im not rappin im just laxin
Either tv or just nappin
Shawty keeps her booty clappin
And right after ill be tappin
Then attackin with some slappin
At the end we’ll be recappning
And I bet that shawty will most deffley say I am the captin
Haters never quit
Please hop off the tip
Keep it up then something will be done that guarentees youll dip
Ill have u lookin like emit
I am not kidding I am legit
Make you my bitch like owen Schmitt
Like lil wayne im right above it
This song is number one
Our legacy has now begun
If lines are corny don’t make fun
All we will do is a re-run
Add some touches clutch some dutches make some ruckus now u love it
So so much and finally, we will hit it like dick butkis
This was an easy task
Did my verse make you aghast?
No ugh u make me mad
I figured that you say alast
Someone can rhyme really fast
And someone that could hold the
Passion but no im so mad ill yell
Hulk smashhhh

[Verse 2:Mir]
My dough in Flipmode
Every time I Busta Rhyme
While y'all took the summer off
Fuck it , I been on my grind
Rolex, Digital, Analog , bitch its my time
Fucking with these words
Man it don' got me doing fine
Hide and seek wit the fame it'll make u lose your mind
But a light bulb came out that womb
N***a I was born 2 shine
And u just bragging bout the cars u bought
My money doing seasonal condiments , summer salts
Near the cliff like I'm Theo
You can catch me with the green like I changed ma name 2 she-go
Mir b hoe
I'm the bomb like a torpedo
And these hoes be trying cut wit me
Like they Emo

[Verse 3: Jay Wills]
I'm the best rapper in the game
What you know about me maine
Poking other rappers
Like they dead bodies dang
N***as can fuck wit me
Know bitches riding dick
Ill out play a n***a like im Felix
So what you all star n***a, Im all madden
Im in the top five like I'm Derrick Mcfadden
Im making os much money i can show dont tell
Just step in my crib and swim in the endless hail
Damn I'm on fire when the dragon gon' inhale
N***as know I'm harder then a storm made of all hail
When i make a new song rappers saying all hell
When I'm on the track i just blaze with no DJ