The Network
Jessie Jackson
[Mir: Verse 1]
You know I spit that
Wonder rhymer shit
Me and ma conglomerate
N***as talk n***as hate
Like I care if u fond if it
Rappers talk bout how they ball
But I been palmed this shit
My old n***as call but I ain't got time to reminisce
I'm busy showing ma peers what the business is
And trying to kill the game followed by all the witnesses
And while u n***as complain I just live the shit
And go show the realest n***as what real really is
Hoping things go exactly how I'm planning it
Cause poser ass n***as steady trying to be the mannequin
Wanna be stars wen obviously u just standing in
I go hard in these forces homeboy call me Anikin
Ground-mole flow so I hoping y'all digging it
Rappers sending shots like bullets but need 2 learn to spit
A n***a better den me, I ain't heard of it
I'm me motherfucker I suggest u learn 2 live wit it
I never felt defeat I'm feeling crippled bitch
Bet I got u bobbin ya head saying he killing it
My angles so large I'm feeling so obtuse
Go way 2 hard recognize I'm the truth
You ain't got to look far if u need to find the proof
Homeboy u ain't heard about the kid u out the loop