[UNDEFINED] (Rapper)
Quick Draw
[Doap Nixon]
Yo, the money is clean, the car is washed
Now the hood respect me, the broads is stopping
But I ain't into make friends but the next chick
I'm trying to put a quarter mil of gems in my necklace
I'm getting cocky but Papi not pussy
Loose strength, block up the cookie then you chop it and push it
Uh, like Chemistry better yet a game show
All it take is one good spin then your name blows
But the jealousy gon' come like puberty
For instance who is he? Then their looks be scrutiny
Some cats can take it, I love it, I want more of it
But once it stop, you flock, we betta score quick
Car seas touring feeling like my life changed
Slight strange, getting head up in the White Range
These snake Labels really bugging fo'real
Pardon self, fake n***as really bugging for deals

[Crypt the Warchild]
These n***as acting like it can't happen
I blast rapping, I pass rapping
Demand action, last dragon, the last laughing
Demand ransom; find dirt to get my hands in
OuterSpace, Q-Dominion, we back at it again
Right hand so hot it can splatter the pen
Your team use to be the shit, what happened to them?
And paying top dollaz to capture these gems
Converted Christians waiting for this Rapture to end
Each flow is Maserati not raggedy Benz
Will we eva sell out? Now that'll depend
I got a daughter to feed, a baby boy to raise
Expensive penny have it, they need toys to play
What's the difference between me and you meng?
You get pushed around, get ridiculed and..
I'mma fucking giant, you miniscule men
Y'all n***as hate y'all odds, you're pitiful, damn!
[Lawrence Arnell]
It's obvious that you ain't heard about me
If you did you wouldn't be using them words around me
So before we move on, I'll introduce myself
My name is Lawrence but you can call me Mr. Arnell
The sickest rapper since aluminum foil
I don't play games but I got toys for you
The SRT the Blue Dodge Ram
Can I burn gas money? Yes ya can!!
Shit the stages ain't safe once I get on the mic
And your face just ain't safe; you don't say what I like
If you need me come see me, I'm neon dream
You can't miss me, red dots and laser beams
I played for the team that's playing for the ring
OuterSpace Q-D, we running the scene
Got my head in the game and y'all bout to see
Cuz King Kong ain't got shit on me, ya heard!

No match for the jeweler to now
I break necks and take checks from whoeva's around
I take calls if there's money involved
But no doe mean no show, dawg I can't evolve
I think you n***as got a problem to solve
If not, save up chips and stop playing wit dolls
This is grown man rap in my zone Nasdaq
No clones, more homes, I control that stack
Q-D got a point to prove
In the lab wit sixteen's do a joint then move
Believe or not my team too hot
I'mma giant, I step up on your team and rot
N***a, I don't like no cords on my mic
So let me introduce my Liquid Swords to your life
And my wife only Built 4 Cubans
This is Verbal Intercourse and you can't stop the movement