[UNDEFINED] (Rapper)

[Verse 1]
My email gettin' colossal, I need a manager
Pray the judge free my n***as countin' they days on the calendar
Was 8 years old when I stacked my first ten, was still an amateur
Was gettin' ignored by the hoes 'cause I was riding in the passenger
Before I hopped on my flight, I used the wifi at the airport
I asked a n***a for some smoke, he tried to hand me a Newport
I know the terrorists who did 9/11 back in New York
I scammed some people from that city so I'm scared to go to New York
Ran off on a jugg, he called me asking where his shipment?
Used somebody credit card and bought some studio equipment
Your wave fell off 'cause you so inconsistent
Smuggle weed in my backpack, then sell it to the school district
Cuttin' to the cameraman like I'm not photogenic
Had to get another phone, they banned my Cash App limit
I got a car and whip, now it's time to get a pendant
Asking another man for money, man, that shit is pathetic

[Verse 2]
Debit BIN on Cash App 'cause they don't accept credit
Walk into my local Walmart so I can use CareCredit
Punched a room with your bitch and we made a good classic
Seen a n***a gettin' robbed and I walked right past it
Failed in every class but I passed mathematics
I can make my money flip, I should've been in gymnastics
How he dodge all my bullets, he should've been an acrobatic
Slowed down on the juice, but a n***a back at it
My plug got arrested, so I need a new vendor
Cut off a lot of snake n***as 'cause they was passing 'round venom
Caught him runnin' from the back and I put two bullets in him
Bat a n***a head out the park, now I think it's the ninth inning
A n***a tried to rob me, he didn't have a nice ending
You not gettin' no money, n***a, why're you pretending?
Told my jugg to send again 'cause it says that it's pending
Bought an SSN, it says he's from Finland