So I sit back and I hit that
Shades on so I keep shit pitch black
I shift the the map till I'm grand
Gotta make bread for the fam and the band
I feed the water to a candle
The black Rambo
In black sandals
I'm a vandal - these tracks till I turn to a god when I walk these streets

Let the fans know
I was born to be king, hold steady
Knox aims for the top, never slow till I'm heavy
On the road to the gold and the all black Chevy
Ready or not, I put the seven on the map
Pull up my socks and do the moonwalk dance
Do a handstand on the moon till I lose my pants
Get it?
Get it?
Get it?
Forget it

Dudes too fast - never look back
True that
Who that?
Heading past cats in a blue coupe today
Haters fake smile so I give them toothpaste
It's simple ebonomics, please promise me that you'll spread it
This message is a letter from God
Don't you forget it
Look, I'll read it
I'll rap it in English just so you see it
So I'll start it from the end cause it begins with a death too
Step two
Puff a little herb, heard it stimulates
Nothing has to do with luck
Little bitch, I've been a great

Little bitch, I've been a great

As the greatest
Talent ever
I'd like to thank you for all the credit

White sheep, black goat (x10)

Little bitch, I've been a great