True Story (Like Water)

I couldn't sleep
I couldn't sleep so I wrote a song
True story

[Verse 1]
Sorry for the absence
I've been tripping
Talking about things that I don't really wish to dip in
I'm not the one to hold you to your flaws
Cause I easily get lost, in the jaws of the beast
He's the force that caused me to ignore my beliefs
As I feast on this literature - she's on the brink of her
Second abortion
Her uncle Johnny forced his **** in her
Now she's sick and intuition is a little much
Crushed, by the weight of her dreams, she pleases G's by the bridge for a minimum fee
Crushed, another Xanny to numb her from head to feet
Crushed, another roach as her wooden floor creaks
And the neighbours aren't asleep yet
She can hear it through the wallpaper
Every cough
Every secret
Every kick he delivers when he's off the liquor, and she's the only one near
My palm shivers as I write this
(True story, true, true story) X3

My palm shivers as I write

[Verse 2]
Focused on the craft
Since a little kid, he would dream of mars in his bars
But they laughed every time he spitted
Rhymes littered with a false image
Cars, bitches, and riches that he had never seen
But he met a queen, seventeen
She was everything he needed
Two-fifteen, they would meet up by the pharmacy at Hidas
And they would hit up the trees, and talk about their beliefs before they split up
He was from the suburbs
She was from the Tura
He was living easy
She always had to zula
But she inspired his raps, became truer
The story about her uncle almost turned him to shooter
Intruders in her life made him loyal to her
Dreams to be a lawyer
He always focused on the bigger picture
I always keep a picture
I won't forget her
Hope heavens better, you're my Coretta