J.R. Donato
[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
I've been all around the world
Rolling weed up getting stoned
Got a pound of smoke, only need a different strong
Got a big ass whip like Indiana Jones
And my n***as down to let it clap
Met her in my section, took her to my home
Now she fucking with the gang, take her that's a loss
N***a saving hoes like Indiana Jones

[Verse 1: J.R. Donato]
Leather jacket, I'm styling, Donato I'm wilding
Flight might be private, I'm talking shit to the pilot
Sparking the pound, can't touch the ground, we fly as fuck
Don't crap out to try your luck, my trap house is bout to boom
Cut girl out like Indiana it's nothing like bottle Kesha
Got guns out in lobby room she ripping that choppa shot
I knocked out his cap like
Couldn't even tie shoe
J.R. they not as hot as you
I sneak where them choppers spread
Ok, Indiana Jones, Indiana
Think I'm big scott
If the loud so strong, if the loud so strong
Finna get that work, [?] get murked
I'm the king of [?], thought about it this evening
Tell her we ratchet, we bout that action
Do it Jurassic, flipping that package soon as it land
Them bullets be rabid, give em a classic
Into the club we gonna turn up I ain't tryna cuff
I just want the top I might want a cut
[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, my neck filled with rare stones
Yeah, I'm getting head like headphones
Yeah red meeat, red wine, bad redbone
Prolly just getting me some knowledge
I give her 10 grand for one pair
She call me, telling me home alone [?]
So tired of monotony
Anything new that you try they gon copy
Got scars on my body
Love being gnarly love to fuck like the party
Man n***a ain't what they call themselves
Man ain't turn what they draw themselves
You tell me you hot and I tell you to stop
And in fact I'm a tell you whats poppin
I just bought a jet and I got a shoe dropping
Wiz you the man [?]
With you and yo friends, I got the juice and the jam
Got shit from Japan, crack shit from the pan
Stick to the plan got your back if shit hit the fan

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]