J.R. Donato
Should’ve Never
[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Absolutely, absolutely what I did for the last couple days
Yeah, Soul!

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Smoke a half ounce in a half an hour
Runnin' late for a red-eye flight
Gettin' stranded outside my house for hours
No rollie on but great timing right?
Touch down (rolled up)
Got some head (rolled up)
Got some pussy, rolled up
Got some more pussy, said "that's enough"
I need rest, baby
Plus you know I'm off this Xanie
I came twice and you came twice but you live here, maybe
You get it, or you uncertain?
Anyways, backshots like a plastic surgeon
I poke her, why not call her bluff?
Royal flush, I did that on purpose
Passed out, woke up and guess what I did? (rolled up)
I hit DZA, he showed up, then he hit Wiz and we pulled up
And guess what we did? (rolled up)
Then guess what? We poured up
And guess what we did? (guess what we did)
And guess what we did? (guess what we did)
We did this --
[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
And we just a bunch a n***as we're allowed to have fun
Everywhere we go
Everywhere we go

And they should've never gave us money
Should've never gave us money (x4)
No, they should've never gave us money

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Super dabbage, proof you average
Rollin' up in it like "poof", Aladdin
Puttin' bitches on that uber cab shit
My roof collapsin', wake up in the mornin' tell you what happened
We were stoned, you took a dab and it was "ehh"
My bedroom and got faded
Next day I'm in the next state
I'm in the best weed I got steak, shrimp and eggs on my plate
In the room I'm up high, smokin' wax I'm up high
Taylor Gang, we up high
Her legs were up in the sky
She left the rest of her girls, she came to have a good time
She came up in this bitch straight
She left up out this bitch bi
She only hit the wax once
She left up out this bitch fried
Bitch almost dropped the bong
She a rookie so I let her slide
Rollin' up smokin' the mountain so much I don't know the amount
Blow so much smoke out my mouth, I'm leavin' 'em stuck on the couch
Smokin' that kush 'til I'm faded, you n***as be kidding and playing
My n***as they stay rollin' up, they gettin' as high as this fade is

[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
Your opinion don't count get ones first
Dab so hard my lungs hurt
Cough so crazy, knocked me out my seat
Back to rollin' up thunder
World-renowned with the wordplay
Kick it like a punter
N***a like me gotta get that cheese, mozzarella, muenster
Stackin' all my green up, four up in a leader
Got me feelin' wavy I be sleepin' like a baby
Feelin' better than head on a wake up tip
I'm lyin', but it's somewhere close to it
Ain't nothin' better than it, wylin'
Four hundred dollar lunch
Bitch came through [?]
Look so good, had to fuck her from the front, I can't front
She like to party, I like to party
I bought the dour, she roll the mollies


[Verse 4: J.R. Donato]
Uhh, Donato
West side to the
Head band in the freezer, keep froze
Third eye home-seekin'
[?], swaked out with your bitch on the road
That's a killin'
Crack a seal now I'm walkin' on the ceilin'
Really y'all on tour with some new skateboards
Feelin' like I haven't sold weed in a minute
I can never get bored how I'm feelin'
Knew a hatin'-ass n***a wouldn't feel it
Couple cars, gotta handle this business
And the texts when I check on my women
Make sure that pack still flippin'
You know a young n***a in it
I ain't even gotta trip on shit, back seat with the window tint
Open doors like a limo, bitch
Presidential shit, so the bullshit irrelevant
Thinkin' bout my ex, pourin' up medicine
Take time, can't rush that shit
Real n***a gonna brush that shit, off
Tour bus full of sluts, that's it
Lotta mud, double cup, that's it
Roll up 'til you stuck, that's it
N***as hate, baby fuck that shit