Illogic & Blockhead
Talk is cheap but a Whisper is priceless
I choose to take a leap of faith no matter what the price is
Arm or leg heart or head voice or tears
I’ll be content to be the change if I have to slave for years
I’ve been marked for death since in the womb
Umbilical cord around my neck I barely made it out
Plus, they found cancer in my retina when I was 2
Became a Cyclops but saw clearer than everybody else
Didn’t understand this blessing thought it was a curse
Felt that God had forsaken me cause I didn’t know my worth
Saw hate in a puddle till I saw love in the crowd
Then my wife told me that she was pregnant with my first child
Started to smile more named him Jahi Rais
Which means “Dignified Leader” there’s prophecy in a name
I had a family now that looked to me to be a man
Didn’t understand what that was just knew I wouldn’t be the same
As my father before me an absentee landlord
Hoping I wouldn’t notice all the foundation cracks
I’ll be there and give my children something to build on
Didn’t want end up salty so I stopped looking back
At Sodom and Gomorrah I let it burn but didn’t forget
The lessons learned memory as vivid as an elephants
Prepared me for the city where just living is a privilege
And how to break chains by embracing forgiveness
Speaking of which what up Fess it’s been a while
Since we found out you were Judas tried to hang us for thirty pieces
I hope that it was worth it cause we have resurrected
Stronger than ever knowing now you need the ashes for the phoenix
Now I can read a snake from a mile away and you’re to thank
Downsized my circle to escape the holding tank
People you love don’t always love you like you wanted
So when it’s time to burn a bridge throw some lighter fluid on it