Illogic & Blockhead
She Loves It
[Verse 1]
It’s raining sunshine / A prosperous failure
Walking stagnate / The more I tell her
Watching blindly /the lost can find me
I’m past the future / the truth is lying
Alive to live / her heats in Mine
Giving to take / An imperfect time
Circle of square / Ordinarily rare
The darkness shines / She loves it

She had never been a live till she was chosen to die
Him finally saying hi would be his final goodbye
They had to stay grounded on the fly
But this beautiful tragedy had to be a fairytale and she loves it

[Verse 2]
She hate to love / The saddest smile
Never walks / But drives me crazy
Simply complex / Speak with silence
I’m past the future / The truth is lying
Built destruction / The sun is frozen
Always never / The worst the better
Violent peace / Complete confusion
The darkness shines / She loves it