Illogic & Blockhead
(They Got me out here Dealin with) all of my trials and tribulations of the day
Had to force me to smile
I’m smiling inside I’m grateful so never look a gift horse in the mouth
Gettin tougher every mile strugglin to hold it down
Makes it harder for me to smile
How my upside look now all the love that i found
Gave me upside down frowns

[Verse 1: Illogic]
The more I look for it the more it itches
The more I scratchin the stitches actin as if it’s not a load I chose to carry
Bury me 6 feet deep beneath Atlantis (please)
I never planned this to be as hard as it seems
Deemed a carcass of Dreams an artist of masterpieces
Givin the last of me is just part of the territory
Every story is a glorious link in the chain
A stream of rain fall and train rails the awe can make the brain fail
(Smile) I try to every now and then but every now and then
I’ll find a bone to pick that’s Missing Calcium
Is it a mystery the outcome isn’t easy to stomach
Wanted a fountain of truth in the youth but all I could do is (Smile)
Its never quite the Plight we intended when light is suspended
And we try to bend it to shape our darkness
If we wait as artists it will fall into place
So I’ll keep running this race with a smile on my face
[Verse 2: Abstract Rude]
Where can i turn when both cheeks have been bruised swollen
Frozen in time Emmit till casket open hoping one day to smile
Learn it’s no peace but we press forward
Don’t wanna allow police beatings excessive force
Peeping out Egypt and we thinking how they looked
King Tut and the sphinx even got a facebook
And you facing a crooked government they put the drugs in the community
Felonies off to prison where the brothers went
Smile? how can I when they shutting down family businesses
Smile? how can I when they handing out life sentences
Smile you’ll do more for the world then frown
Enjoy when u look around avoid what’s putting you down
Kill 'em with kindness when you smile your highness and then they bow
They couldn’t figure you out let’s face it you took the town
Who you calling a rookie now cause you couldn’t cage a brothas thunder
Must’ve forgot age ain’t nothing but a number homie smile