Illogic & Blockhead
Open Door
[Sample from the movie "Crash"]
"It's the sense of touch. Any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass"

Syncopated censorship. Alive in every handshake
Divided by, the hunger strike of, generational curse
Lucid memories mangled to mush
A childhood that misplaced it's innocence somewhere in four years old
The birth of a requiem, elevated beyond demographic cycle systems

When egos fall, victim to the orthodox they
Crab walk in single file
Megalomania masquerades as, open hands and, unfolded plans
Omni-presence, penetrates the populous with

Fly paper, origami attraction, divide and conquer reflection
Devine delusion direction
See, I've been placed here to conjure a sacrifice for the price of a rainbow

Tangible tomorrow, while today is only a dream
Fashionably late to elevate cynicism to its pedestal
But I won't rest until the empire, sits at it's proper place

The dialogue of a ghost town
Bleeds through every speaker box, and shock isn't the word for it
When these egos fall in the forest they won't make a sound, but
I'll be around
To hold your hand and, lead you to the promised land
Flowing with milk and honey
Funny I'm lactose intolerant but, it's a place where only few are aloud

[Sample from the movie "Crash"]
"It's the sense of touch... I miss that touch so much.... Crashing... Feels so good..."

Live inside a box and if you choose to be a vagabond
Embrace the picture painted on the canvas of the minds that you encounter maybe anguish is the consequence of novice
Never leave your post to simply refuse to be a coward

Take an aim at censorship, ridiculous is limitation
Anyone can be a star, but those who make the choice to be a planet have to orbit power, never truly grasping it
The world's an open door for those who truly understand it

[Sample from the movie "Crash"]
"It's the sense of touch...
Always behind this metal and glass...
We're always behind this metal and glass...
Always behind this metal and glass..."