Illogic & Blockhead
Ego’s Orbit
[Verse 1]
The concrete looked beautiful when my face hit it
After I pulled the wool from my eyes
Rocking rose-colored glasses with faith in ‘em
So reality is somewhat of a surprise
From it, mother and father shielded me
But I knew how those cards were dealt
The way to win the game was revealed to me
But I chose to put those gems on the shelf
My artistry was lethargic, I knew what I was doin’
The fact is I really didn’t care
I was given the knowledge to bring empires to ruin
But it was easier for me to act scared
What do you do when you don’t wanna do a thing?
And you’re a caged bird without a song to sing?
And my song wasn’t taken from me, it was surrendered
See I’m in line, following the crowd by choice

By choice (x4)

Never been a master, only wanted servant
Vigilant disaster but it’s perfect, sinking faster, is it worth it?
Time is of the essence but your present is a wasted gift
Lessons are ejected, it’s too much to press until you sit
In your own iniquity while basking in your solitude
Your history of vagabond only strengthens your attitude
Empty purpose solo mission, never tried to listen
But a dying star can’t sustain a solar system
[Verse 2]
So he stood there, steady as a bird song
Hoping that as he sings he’d sprout wings
It was harder to walk straight than it was to levitate
Tried not to sway with the breeze as he prayed on the trees
But kept his feet on the ground with his head in the clouds
To make sure he saw beyond the horizon
The forest gave him a place to hide with doubt
The constant rain gave him a mask for his crying
He fell in love with the thought of fell in love
But that dream was shattered as the innocence of molested children
She dined with maturity more often than he was
He was consumed with making bricks for the walls that he’s building
Caved into his every whim, did his reflection
She was a distant second in his hierarchy of priority
Consumed with only his needs, marooned on an island
Only concerned with the lonely world his ego was orbiting