Illogic & Blockhead
A Mile From Dead
[Verse 1]
The room was dark, bang together stones to try to spark
Inspiration to control the art
I see the finish but I can’t seem to start
But God said, “Hold my hand
I’ll lead you to the Promised Land
When you wanna fall, I’ll help you stand
The architect to set the printed plans
But you still have a choice
Either stay silent or use your voice
It’s too serious just to flip a coin
And act destiny, you’ll be a stillborn
Turn between up and down
Cacophony and melodic sound
Top 40 and the underground
I’m snoring, you’re boring, where’s your style?
See I’m an optimist, looking for a higher form of consciousness
Come to find out that it won’t exist
If you don’t know who you are, then it’s a lost cause unless you alter it
Change is a game we all can win
If we can choose not to blend, only then will our lives begin
Now give me space
Took a bite but I can’t stand the taste
I’m tryna remember that life is great
As long as you got God in the right place
So I’m tryna live and stay afloat in this relationship
I don’t want my grip to slip but how long can you hold on to innocence?
‘cause we been deceived by the powers that be
And you wouldn’t believe the lies told to help you sleep
To expose tricks, I ripped off the sleeves
I wanna be a monument, to upright stance like a obelisk
One flame left so I’ll make a wish and escape the dreamscape of foolishness
Alarm clock smiles when the snooze is hit
You stayin’ sleep’s what ruined it
Either you stand or sit but ain’t no way that I can quit
It’s like this
[Chorus x4]
All life grows towards the light
And I blacken my sky
I’ve walked a million miles but only one mile left before I die

[Verse 2]
I wonder why I make bird calls but I can’t fly
Most people live to die, their wasted life is no surprise
So don’t waste away and put off what you can do today
This world’s just a ball of clay
I’m tryna shape into a place my kids can play
So what’s your goal?
To gain the whole world and lose your soul?
The stormy skies’ll take their toll
But the rain will stop so the sun can glow
See I’m living proof you can’t use your race as an excuse
But at times I think we tighten the noose
And we’re the first ones to sing the blues
The tears I’ve shed fills oceans, man, the streets are red
Stained by the blood ancestors bled
So we can really be free, most of them are dead
So don’t trample the graves and live life as modern slaves
Satisfied with your minimum wage
Instead of really being free, you rather sit in a cage
I know the lashes sting
You’re so scared you won’t do a thing
But be the Sambo that they want you to be
Yo, it’s time to sever the puppet strings
I guess fear can speak beyond what you can even ask or think
They wanted me to flinch but I wouldn’t blink
‘cause I left ego in the kitchen sink
See I’m a mile from dead, walking but I can’t feel my legs
I wanna scream but it’s no need to beg
For you to act like you heard a word I said
[Chorus x4]
All life grows towards the light
And I blacken my sky
I’ve walked a million miles but only one mile left before I die