Chris Rivers
Three Wise Men | Teambackpack Cypher
[Verse 1: Chris Rivers]
Please believe these CDs and sheets will bring me peace like treaties
Heebie jeebies my species bring evil deeds like a Ouija
Eating Greasy but sure as the leaves are green we defeat these
And I believe cause trees came from planting seeds in the fecees
Tho I got pro ambition this liquor help me speakeasy
The bees knees thinking I'm sweet means diabetes
Police see me bleeding as growth like bowls of wheeties
Jesus pieces needed no preaching slinging the pcp please see me
Yak yak put the coniac in a black Bag
Sip it in the back of a rag tag ac that's
All I could afford til I'm poppin on ascap
Test me get crossed out twice like hash tag
New dark knights coming like Affleck
You seen it once maybe twice like a snap chat
Never run for my life that's a back track
And all my n***as stay strapped team back pack
Uh I can beat the sun in a stare off
I can be the one in a pair off
You probably shoot a layup get an air ball
Horse stance crane stance uh nigha bear claw
Impair snares flares make the air cough
Quitting once you see me that's a fair call
Don't you ever leave your girl around me nigha I be all up in that pussy like a hair ball

[Verse 2: Oswin Benjamin]
No matter how you flip Denzil, Os and Chris know it's still a slaughter
All the rn's know d.o.c's what the doctor ordered
O.C.D., see we been cleansing the game so fuck a disorder
Lethal weapons when we penning, C, O, D, no console needed
My p.o.v is G-o-d's e.k.g, the heart beat of a martyr
More souls then a. million men marching/ Darwin evolved this Oswin to Martin
Star gazing now a day/ is the same as looking in a mirror
All blue Yankee like I’m Hova, the brim is grey from new era
The sky is grey and cup overfloweth with me new errors
The new mistakes that I'm making cuz winnings what os.wins scared of
My soul my peace of mind and the industry had a stare off
Close to the cliff like Clair Huxtable (God I hope I don't steer off)
Autumn know I'm the son of the summer scorching the fall
Pallbearer, bearing this gift of vitality for ya
The ghost of Christopher Wallace just tried to drown me in the holy water/
Slapped me out of my christening so I face the palms of big poppa
The palms of this author orchestrates psalms for mobsters
Songs for contraband where the swinging hands like black conductor
Songs in the key of a 1,000 grams on a grand piano
Sonically This dope is superb enough to revive Seattle/
Hey man this rain man/ (poor) pour enough to throw a you
‘Cuz I'm tide( tired)/ of the current
The people lookin at me. And feel. He (Philly)/ stands. firms.for all he believes like a rocky statue
D. you ever do fall. off heathes. Ledge I know the lord Got you
[Verse 3: Denzil Porter]
But oz, if i do i really hope its a clear fall/
When i go off/
N***as lose more
Than pierre paul/
(That was so foul)
It's a clear call
With these bear claws
I yank a bitch like wierd all
(you mean wierd al)
Man im smoked thought
(you mean smoked out)
But im back in the zone when/
The track, hit the gas i attract to the tone then/
I attack, like im in a parking lot with a tat that said bad to the bone then
Put out when im going in/
And these bars so enlarged in my noggin, surprise im disguised, in real life im a cone head/
They try tell me dont curse, all you hear is beep beep beep you would swear a n***a going dead/
But thank you thank you, so kindly, there screaming loudly
Black actor as human torch they finally made a movie bout me
Black magic for haters, friendships thats forged when they truly doubt me/
I had it of lately, pouting bout cowards thats making, /
The culture a place thats
Deserted of knowledge and patience/
The doctors acknowledge no patience, they just say take this/
Kill yourself slowly and painless/
But this that piss up in the morning
Don't forget where your aim is/
Dont forget what yo names is...
You could call me balthasar, and dont forget who i came with/
Words, concepts and bars, 3 wise men we the latest/
We the latest closest to gods and we bring gifts from the savior/
In reality we are the stars, that come out when you say save us/
From darkness
The haters, game has, been infiltrated by traitors
Now play ya
Cards right before somebody take em and trade em/
Or pawn em
Im taking limbs too im vietnamin/
Im fly and im intercoming
My n***as oswin or chris rivers bomb em/
[Verse 4: Oswin Benjamin]
I told J I'm two cool L's away from a Kangol
A whip away from django/
A critics opinion away to losing my ear like a Van Gogh/
A starving artist. Under unemployment. Coining phrases/ hoping he has enough on pump 87 to make this Van Go/
At least rite.aid/
I'm tired of riding around commando/
Sorry if that's too. Much. Info/
Mation for y'all to handle/
Two other wise men aside a me know.that I'm
The soul in me to prove.that/
I'm more. then a bible student/
More then a couple scriptures/
This misconception is brewing/
A Jesus escariot/
I purposely didn't say judas/
I know what I'm doing/
I'm simply stating I'm human/
I'll take shot of tequila with the same lips I use for communion n***a/
I send a prayer and do the shooting n***a/
I'm not concious
I'm un.conscious
I read the book James. And still.get. Neck like an ostrich
A prostitute and a prophet
I came with with two other wise men to body you n***as
[Verse 5: Chris Rivers]
Young monster marcher that conjured karma to conquer
Dishonor leads to arms swinging razor blades like a barber
Diminish your soul and image like armored trucks to a Tonka
Willy wonka chompas gap in every tooth like Moses part the
Oceans I'm chosen tho holding clothes that was thrown in holes like I'm Oscar
Larger and darker than life's price which I ponder
Cause poppa died but hold it down my momma get your moms snuffed
The Type to set a stance and move a mountain with a palm thrust

[Verse 6: Denzil Porter]
Uhm just, know that they can't calm us/
In hip hop, we don't shoot if you put your arms up/
Keep in mind my mind is too meraculous marvelouse/
I don't let nuttin by me, guess my minds like a contra- septive
Yes it's , who your girl want to get with/
I left her pussy red, but left her blue guess i set tripped/ uh
(You went through all of that with her)
Now she falling back n***a/
(she wanta netflix and chill)
But we skipped all of that n***a/
Now im, left with this pitty, all my ex's are pretty/
But only time my ex is up is when im repping my city/
My weapons a pen and a pad and when im prepping i shimmy
Im doing a dance like im diddy
Bad boy with the pimmy
Thats uptown slang, that soured
Because i come from the north
You see i always come in first you built to last like a ford/
And on my, last i afford
To get past and move forward
Relaxed then relapse but in fact I just came back like a chord
The spinal
Can't do what i do
My rhymes are from times of vinyls/
And ciphers come at your vitals
With rivals who try to fight you
Or knife you so bring your rifle
Your wisdom and bring your bible
Don't be shook, don't bring your rap book, just bring your title/
Gotta buzz right?
You got some thugs right
Maybe you could sign your bugged life here/
You got my bud right
You got my bud light?
...where the fuck you get this buzz light year?
Hold up, we are are no colly bones/
We over heads like carry ons/
When i kick it, i take one to the face, i call it holly holmes/
Then i be gone/ im out like a stale mate/
I got the kinda drive, that nobody could tailgate/
Could tell fake, haters, fuck you , you could blow me/
Even in real life i leave the hating comments below me/
You know i gotta keep going, until they sick of it/
Until my pen is selling (penicillin) so strong, they could use that shit to kill syphillis/

[Verse 7: Chris Rivers]
And cure this infinite imminent fall of man with these intricate flipped lyrics like siscor kicks that's been given a gift foretold like a syllabus
Tried to reach for the stars but your bars are icharus
My ligaments propel me to heights so blow me like instruments
Ironic nighas writtens are sounding like they're illiterate
I hit the liquor with spliffs rolled from a bit of Leviticus
While we breaching the boarders and porters order some immigrants
And I'm just looking for fellow lyricists I can n***a wit
Modern day bastards with a passion rap words like a pastor
Add verbs to my verses create disasters
Cause with the world on my shoulders when I walk I collapse earth
And all my nighas is raw like war backwards
Three wise men ain't taking no losses with oswins and King Kong ain't got nothing on Denzel so we flowing like rivers birthing leviathans higher than firemen admiring burnt down trap houses taking after whifs of that finer blend
I am him we are they and no ones blessed with nicer
We're dogs you're cats with no rats like someone stressed the piper
Three wise men with a gift for your flesh in diapers
Even if you trained til you're grown you couldn't best this cypher challenge