Chris Rivers
Music Minds
Yeah, let's slow it down a bit
Big shout to Chris River, Emilio Rojas, Produkt
Kay Slay, Johnny King in the building
Let's go!

[Verse 1]
Wanna live my life, for no more tax to me (yeah)
No I ain't coming at next tracks about equity (nah)
Ready to run the flesh of my foes, make them a memory
Write my own b-axes, or BX Malcolm in ecstasy
Run over my friends and see some sustenance
I, wanna go outside and meet some kids who want
Bussing clips and such your dick for box of bucket list
Fucking chicks, they think they worth for dirt
Van a hearse and then under age
Huh, and see the killer bee, kill dope
In the stage of sue for months and years and fucking still broke
Low though, I got the jolly, cadets towards the bills though
Box a meat a lonely sugar mamma be her dildo
Still low but I don't give a fuck like nuns did (yup)
That should be Spanish platinum n***a like puns did
The guns did nothing for the kid, but my lungs did
Come up in my face and let me show you what the funds did, Rivers
(And we continue on, big shout to Level 13 on the track)
(Kay Slay and Drama King in the building)
(Shout out to Ford,, [?].com)
Yeah, yeah one time
[Verse 2]
Hey, I be walking around in high saints, selling nothing but crack at comes
And no telling say much nutrition and blapanopa
And when it's broke and malnourished is cause they hope we can't flourish
Selling dope, figured dope was our purpose shit, but air was so focused on being hood
That they forget the only reason they hustle, so they can leave the hood
A couple a place that they frisk, don't mean eating good
You living in a place where the roaches are fucking eat the worms
Was some poverty so high, with the new minorities
Me and Kay Slay, we be screaming fuck the authorities
With a little bit of sweat in my palm, Gotta get that head off a me
And I've been protecting my squad, like a motherfucking quarantine
And they just can't keep us down, So I keep my people round
Tryna get one up on us homie, we fucking beat you down
And I only run with the honest, but y'all are leasing now
I never had words for you poses, cause I don't speak to clown

[Verse 3]
Venom on the scale, bloodline full of poison
Everytime I close my eyes, you see the Rolls Royces
Believe it's time we get acquainted
At least one day lames, am just tryna paint the flavors
Modern day savior, these a lot a ways for labour
And I employed a few, stunting on these n***as
Baby let's enjoy the view
Coco to the dog food, am known to serve a pooch
Local what you done fool, my young intern produce
Was tryna get truce, am just tryna clear the rouse
Tricky reality, mad max with the toast
And am a, Nicky the mallory abstract in the approach
Am a, King of the castle, am barbaric, am hard headed
Authentically vast, bad as Paul Barris
Fuck you thought I was n***a?
Another one a them?
For politics pretend that me and you really friends?
Let's not pretend, nah
This is where it ends
DJ Kay Slay the Drama King, The Industry Purge
It had to happen