Chris Rivers
Bar Show
[Hook: Lord Sear]
It's the bar show

[Verse 1: Ea$y Money]

[Verse 2: Termanology]
Fly elegant, intelligent thug with relevance
Survives of the declining, crumbling, devilish
Game that takes elements of ya soul for renting it
Presenting us with the debt, accumulated for selling it
Supply leverage to the hustla's cuz we let em live
Each line I'll take you into the mind of a veteran
Gangster and a gentleman, pedaling rap sentences
For cash benefits, this pen is equal to medicine
Surpass negative easily preventable measures
I treasure the realness, I possess is unforgettable
My soul window, scan and download info
Instantaneously I invaded ya whole mental
The soul seeker, that'll shatter ya whole speaker
Collaborating with holograms for all my features
The resurrection, what's a heart with no direction?
The body is just a shell, it's more than physical presence
I heard of thirst, but y'all dudes live in the desert
Gotta give son credit, his grind is unmeasured
The paramedics preparing to patch his whole head
It's plastered all on the pave, split like a patch of lettuce
You get it stretched out on the stretcher like calisthenics
All his friends put him on the pedestal that they invented
Only to watch him to watch him shredded
He fell in a whole deaded, in ya face
If you ain't got ya hammer than go get it
[Verse 3: Chris Rivers]