[Verse 1: NoFear]

I'm the best alive
Got my team on my back
I'm the king of the tribe
And I always rep 559
Yeah I'm a star
So you know I'm gon' shine
Yeah I coulda asked for help
But I did it by myself
Beats so hot they'll make your face melt
Kickin' beats like karate
And I got the black belt
Beatin' beats up at the ring of the bell

Pumped up!
Going full throttle
Dancing so hard I be tearin' my vlados
Fill up the dance flo'
Don't leave it hollow
I'm a born leader
So you might as well follow

I need a girl to take my hand
And take me to the middle of the flo'
Cuz I got a plan
NoFear, I'm my own brand
Everybody show respect, cuz I'm the man!
This isn't a crime, Let's have a good time
Say Yeah!
Everybody dance till you outta your mind
Say Yeah!
Gotcha girl dancin' and she not even mine
Say Yeah!
Just drop it drop it low, now shake your behind
Say Yeah

[Verse 2: MONSTA]

Yeah! Young Monsta stay killin'
Got my team with me
We too good for this division
Walkin out, fresh skinnies and some vans
Ima hit the floor
Yeah you know I do my dance
Celebrate, we some young champs
'Bout to go in, yeah you know i've enhanced
We keep it poppin', dancin' all night
If you gonna hate.... What?? Alright!

Keep droppin bombs, young kid fly
When our music's on, the party never dies
Look at the sky
Cuz im on the rise
Haters talk me down...
Doesn't hurt my pride
Throwin down my board, skate this world up
Rollin with my crew, yeah, you know we get buck
Throwin these lyrics at you like andrew luck
When I hit the flo' yeah you know im turnt up!

[Verse 3: Lawrence]

Listen up, I'm on my groove
Dancin with a girl, Oh so smooth
I feel ya And I like the way you move
I don't have a crew
But I'm sick like the flu
I'm bad for your brain
Cuz of my lyrical rain
I'm dancing all night till my feet are in pain
We're blowin' up the night like a damn grenade
Me and my homies, we got it made!
I'm sweet and sour, like some lemonade
If you left, well, you shoulda stayed
I'm sharp and on point, like a swiss blade
We're having fun
We're never getting outdone
All you haters, you might wanna run
Hot like the sun
Leaving people numb
You know Reedley is where I'm from
So everybody hit the dance floor and go dumb!