Just Another Day
[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
Getting Fly, everyday around the way
Getting High, around the way around today
Trying to survive that's the game we're forced to play
Gotta grind because in the hood, you gotta pay like you weight
Nothing free, ain't nothing cheap, ain't nothing sweet
And when you getting cake, everybody want a piece
To my n***as locked down, I'm praying they get released
So many RIP's I'mma need another drink (ugh)
Money on my mind, bitch don't kill my vibe
Too real to be fake, these n***as ain't my kind
Mama always told me what's gonna kill me is my pride
So I always got it on me cus I'm trying to stay alive
All these bitches on me, I'm like how do I decided
So fuck it, I take as many as I can fit in my ride
Living for the moment, hating don't condone it
Somebody tell them, that bullshit, we on it

[Verse 2: Stori]
Where I'm from - we never had nothin better to do - cept to get drunk n walk around lookin for shit to get into
That small town life - worse than a fish bowl- they bored with they lives-so they make you miserable Oh
If it went down on Saturday best believe by Monday it was a different scenario Oh
Would you believe I used to get -whats now referred to as bullied -those trash bags called me Tank Azz- now they wished they smashed-the same sorry ma'fuckers grew up suckers - sittin on the Internet jerkin it
Stupid bitches don't know shit about me - but they think its ok to talk like they know every little fuckin thing- I didn't realize it then -but some of them- were just mad I had a pretty face and personality to match, hating ass bitches hated that I could draw, could sing, could tell a joke and I knew how to laugh...
It's fuckin sad but it's....
Just another day living in NJ, just another day around the way
Try to make today - better than yesterday
Just another day living in nj, just another day around the way
Sometime it rain on sunny days- I hear the guns, but I'm here to stay

[Verse 3: Stori]
Teen nights at The Sheraton, Pre-game at my house again - Gina throwin up in the sink mixin Limón n Reefa
Everywhere we went we rolled super deep - even to The Rink every Friday night
Shit that was the life
Not sayin I was fast, but I know -I've dipped in n out of left that lane b4 tho-lookin back- we blame it on the teenage brain- lookin back I think I'd do it over again
I left that bergen county MILF -I followed my heart, took me all the way to 7th and MLK Blvd
First couple days up in them Bricks -I'm hearin all kinds of fireworks n shit - but no lights in the sky to be found-they were pumpin rounds
I feel like an alien - I stick out like a sore thumb - when I'm on that go 28- to broad street station -was on the other side of that Hudson till me n my mom got robbed son-
Now Its dirty jersey - stand all the way up son