Money B
Do Whutcha Want
[Intro: Humpty Hump]
This time keep doin it
Lil mo character, Quik say
A lil mo character
Doin it like .. yo, whassup, E?
Whoo! Esinchill E, AMG
Quik, Money-B, Shock G
How many my homeboys we got in here?

[Hook x2]
Do what you want to, do it everyone!
Do what you want to, let's have some fun!

[Verse 1: Humpty Hump]
Don't stop what you're doing, this time keep doing it
But do it harder, the whole party oughtta
Act like fools, let's break all the rules
We should, I'm feeling how you looking: good!
Tonite's the nite, I gotta get to know ya
Tonite's the nite, I got things to show ya
Tonite's the nite we got heat from Quik-ola
Yo, who slipped the mickey in my soda?!

[Verse 2: DJ Quik]
Maybe I did cause you was acting square
(Humpty Hump: Thank you!)
Yeah, you welcome, Hump, now let me flat-iron my hair
Cause I'm busy like a worker drone
I'll leave some nectar in they honeycomb
Break my stinger off and then I'm gone
I buzz away, fly fly, never die
Hit a cloud of smoke above your city, now I'm high high
My homey, Money-B, if you're ready to clown
Let em feel the freaky world of the Underground
[Verse 3: Money B]
Puff on that stuff
Take a few more swigs of the Henn-du
Don't trip, we got gin too
And if you ever been to a DU skit
You ain't go no choice, you getting lit
And getting hit, or get greasy like the wind is
We in this to win this, off the hinges
Spin this, you know we clowning on the cut
That's why your mama ain't go no teeth, she sport buttons (?)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Esinchill]
It ain't nothing like tracks from DJ Quik
Word to you other brothers playing the lick
We staying with hits, playing the clip now so get down
Tell me how my click sound, just look who I'm with now
Quik, AMG, yeah, and DU still
A fifth stay in me just for me to build
The momentum, mo venom in em and got hoes sinning
Hoes, stay juiced in your laced boots and daisy duke denims

[Verse 5: AMG]
If I sip too much I'm a hurl a lot
If I find a freak I'm a hit the cot
And I'm looking for perfection, lifestyle's for erections
Is this the nice ass section?
Call me the freak of the week with the hump of the month
AMG is a gigolo looking for stunts
Doing with the DU and it's a must
That I'm riding that ass until the rubber bust
I said rubber bust!
[Humpty Hump]
Rubber bust?

I said rubber bust, help me out with rubber bust

[Verse 6: Humpty Hump]
You ain't heard from me since the first chorus
So something, I'm getting hoarse
Yo, I'm too faded to flow, but I'm on the go
DJ Quik, you done slipped me a mickey
Ain't nothing changed, we still doing whutchyalike
Mon, come here and kick it like you did in rehearsals


[Outro: Humpty Hump (over Hook)]
Everybody sing, come on!
Yeah, do it till it can't be done
Let's have some fun
Yeah, putting it down for the year 2000
We a little ahead of ourselves tonight
Do who ya like