[Hook: Tay Zonday]
Beauty that’s inside, is truly hard to find
When we listen to the lies on the TV
But every trend will die
Just give it all some time
And soon people will see what I see, true beauty

[Verse 1: MikelWJ]
It’s rare to find beauty when you swear that you have no heart
Beauty that’s compared to the music works of Motzart
Beauty that is physical, mental and of the soul
Beauty that alone can keep you from being cold
We have models on the TV and posing in magazines
But deconstruct their morals and beauty will not be seen
Undo the photoshop that masks them with an air brush
And watch all their perfection be crushed
See, no one else around sees things the way that I do
Since girls don’t need makeup, “ Shh Mikel, that’s taboo”
“Don’t tell them their beautiful unless they look perfect”
Screw that, my purpose is telling them that they’re worth it


[Verse 2: MikelWJ
Rap today is a disgrace, but no one will make a change
Guys are all players, and girls just get thrown away
Women become objects, and rappers just promote it
And in their defense, they were being real when they wrote it
Society is messed up, trust me, it’s more than obvious
Before we make goals though, pinpoint what the problem is
When young girls look up to skin and bone thin models, society will claim it as perfection, then follow
But I see beauty in the faces of those who cry
Who find a way to be happy after a loved one dies
Who still can feel the sun when the sky is filled with clouds
Who aren’t afraid to scream their favorite words out loud
These people are my people, we look out for each other
Every single one is like a sister or a brother
Never think that somehow being real is unsuitable
A fake rose looks good, but will never smell beautiful

[Hook] (2x)